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Symbolism of tattoos "crows"

If you see a crow on a person's body,then, most likely, watch yourselves. After all, in our subconsciousness, from the childhood, the opinion that these birds bring misfortunes took root. So, people who chose it as an ornament of their own body, acquire a shade of mystery and gloom. But they really did not dream about it. What actually symbolizes the tattoo "raven"?

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"Crow" tattoo designation

This bird is a symbol of wisdom, fertilityand often loneliness. And he is a sign of wisdom. If you remember the old tales, then in them the raven was always a companion of the dark forces, who accompanied them on a journey between the worlds. Those who believe in omens, believe that the raven brings misfortune and bad news. Maybe that's why he so often becomes an exile. Christianity also said that this bird accompanies the devil in his travels around the world. But at the same time there is a story in the Bible about how crows were saved in the wilderness of the prophet Elijah. And in other countries this strange and wise bird is interpreted in different ways. The ancient Greeks, for example, said that this is a companion of travelers. In addition, the raven has always been a symbol of fertility and a long life. In China, there is an old legend, according to which the bird lived in the sun. So it became a symbol of sunrise, daylight and sunset.

Black raven: tattoo and its meaning today

crows tattoo designation

An ancient legend says that this birdis considered a symbol of the wind. And, in addition, the crow lives for a long time, it's rather difficult to find a pair. Because the tattoo "crows" is considered primarily a symbol of loneliness. According to another legend, already Christian, the crows found the land. It was he sent in search of Noah, after the pigeon. So another value of the tattoo "crow" is considered insight. But most often this tattoo is made by people who have experienced a great loss. It reminds you that it will never happen again. But the exact meaning of this picture can be said only when the context in which it is depicted is known.

Tattoo "crows" what else can mean?

Black Crow Tattoo
For example, if this bird is depicted seated onskull, it is worthwhile to be careful next to the owner of such an ornament on his body. It can pose a serious danger. If, together with a crow on the body, there is a rose, then such a picture has the opposite meaning: family happiness and well-being. If it is depicted against the background of oaks, it is a symbol of wisdom and longevity.

And we will sum up the results

In general, the value of this tattoo is far from beinguniquely. Everyone understands it in his own way. Someone just wants to appear more mature, someone dreams to show that he is strong and wise, and someone tries to show others how he is alone. Maybe that's why the crow tattoo is so often chosen by young people, and by more mature men. But can legends not lie? And it is worth thinking about before doing tattoos "crows" on your body? And suddenly its value is indeed so negative that it can affect your life? Maybe life ... But how beautiful and mysterious are some variants of this drawing and how you want it to emphasize your individuality.