/ Tattoo of the Joker: meaning and variations

Tattoo of the Joker: meaning and variations

The symbolism of tattoos amazes with its intricacy. Among many unusual drawings we will focus on the Joker tattoo - original, filled with some sinister and attractive meaning.

As we know, the Joker is also one of the cards in thea deck that has different priorities in different games. His image on the skin is a man with a broad black smile and a cunning look. However, this is not all that is interesting about this image. What does the "Joker" tattoo mean? We will discuss later in our short article.

So what is the meaning of the tattoo?

According to available data from different sources (fromtattoo parlors to places of confinement), the Joker tattoo has some generalizing meaning - characterizes the carrier as a man of luck, impudent, ready to take risks in his life a lot and in a big way. Also, the Joker symbolizes the changeability of life.

joker tattoo

The specificity of the meaning made this image nottoo common. The joker as a hero in itself is changeable: now he laughs ominously, in a second he is grieved. Hence another meaning of tattoos: she represents her carrier as a person ready to instantly join any role.

In the prison environment, the owner of the Joker Tattoo on his armor on another part of the skin - a person who is extremely lucky in gambling, a fraudster, a lucky beggar. As you can see, the connection of the status with the image in this case is cramped and, most likely, determines the value of the tattoo.

Good or bad?

Among the shades of the value of the image of the Joker it's hard to get lost and not come to a conclusion about whether this hero is positive or negative.

About this unusual character can be said inin a few words the following: changeable, lucky, unpredictable. He can play in positive and negative roles, each time adjusting to the situation and acting in accordance with the gusts of his heart.


Most often the Joker is portrayed in the form of men orjester (also men) in a triangular cap, with the above-drawn black sly smile. Often there is an image of the hero of the movie "The Dark Knight", in the image of which elements of the clown are not provided.

what does the joker tattoo mean?

Tattoo Joker can have a female face.In such cases, it symbolizes Fortune: the lady is unpredictable, relying only on her is fraught with consequences. Also, the "Joker Woman" as it were said that life is treacherous, and nobody should trust.

The period of greatest popularity

Unusual image of steel is very often embodied inlife of the master of salons in 2008. Then the famous movie "The Dark Knight" appeared on the screens, in which one of the main characters is the Joker. Mad, charismatic, energetic and successful, he gave his appearance to the Joker tattoo additional symbolism and made it popular.

Однако заметить стоит, что истинный символизм, prisoner in the Joker, with the release of the film a little faded against the backdrop of a bright movie hero. However, this is only in wide circles, not dedicated to the early meanings of the image.

tattoo joker on hand


Thus, we can draw some conclusionsfrom the collected information. Tattoo Joker is not among the most common due to its unusual meaning. It symbolizes the variability of nature, luck and love of risk.

In a separate area of ​​society, the Joker directlyindicates the extreme luck of the carrier in gambling. In broad masses, a wave of interest in the character created in 2008 the film "The Dark Knight", where the character in question was among the main characters.

Before you do a tattoo with a Joker, it's worthcritically assess how it will fit the nature. Adhere to the integrity of the symbol and personality - and such an ornament will bring joy!