Lizard-tattoo. Value

Since ancient times, tattoos on the human bodyempowered with a certain power and meaning. The tattoo talked about the character of a person, his worldview, belonging to one or another gender, his place in society and much more. For a long time already the meaning of tattoos has lost its prison meaning. Now the owner of this or that tattoo is not necessarily a criminal with experience. The quality of tattoos has changed, many new images have appeared. For example, a lizard - a tattoo, the meaning of which will be given below.

lizard tattoo value

Lizard, a tattoo image of which mandecides to do on his body, - essentially a creature dodgy, fast, capable at the slightest risk to drop his tail to save life. Often a person whose body is adorned with a tattoo lizard, the meaning of this image simply does not understand, putting it thoughtlessly.

This image will not only decorate, but alsohelp a person who wants change and renewal in their lives. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians attribute luck and divine wisdom to the lizard. Indigenous Maori, by contrast, see it as some demonic force, although it is believed that the image of her body will, on the contrary, scare away the demons.

lizard tattoo
The South American Indians endow this creaturefertility and sexual attractiveness. Australians, Africans and Malanesians believe that the lizard tattoo will protect them from wars, since they endow this reptile with such qualities as the ability to compromise. Japanese lizard-tattoo value gives the belonging of its owner to the caste "Yakuza". The membership status is determined by the complexity of the image. Russians believe that this reptilian by their appearance warns of impending disaster, and the tattoo-lizard, whose meaning is obvious in this case, will simply inform its owner on an intuitive level.
tattoo lizard

A lizard tattoo can be executed in any color andin any interpretation. Most often it is depicted in the form of the English symbol "S". The style of the image can also be anything, the main thing here is not the picture itself, but the meaning that you want to give it. The tattoo will look good on any part of the body. Samples, styles, photos of ready-made tattoos can be offered to you in the salon, or you can choose in advance an image on the Internet that you like. Better, of course, if the master sketches the picture directly "under you," then it will be unique, the more you can control all the strokes on the tattoo.

However, do not take too literallythe meaning of the image of a creature. The most important thing is that what you decided to put on your body, you really like, because the tattoo is not done for a day or a week, but will be with you for many, many years. The meaning of symbols is only a small part, which can be used when choosing a picture for a tattoo. Choose only what you really like. If the image is like, it will never do you harm, but will protect and protect you from all troubles and troubles.