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Manicure with holes - how to do?

Female hands should always look neat andattractive. Manicure is the final stage of creating a style. It can perfectly complement one or another image or become completely inappropriate. In this article, we will talk about how to make a manicure with holes. You will learn the main points and features of this design.

manicure with holes

Manicure with holes

This nail design was invented a long time ago.However, with the passage of time and the introduction of new trends and images, such coverage has become obsolete and uninteresting. Only a few years ago, the young ladies once again remembered what a manicure with holes.

Now such coverage is used everywhere.It has become very stylish and fashionable. Manicure with holes is suitable for young girls who prefer bright colors, and strict ladies who adhere to office style.

Before you make such a manicure, it is worthprepare certain materials. This includes stencils, paint brushes, a coating of suitable tones, a degreaser, tampons and nail treatment equipment. Manicure with holes is created in several stages. At first glance, everything is very difficult. However, after studying step-by-step instructions, you can easily create such a design with your own hands.

manicure with a transparent hole

The first step: nail preparation and skin treatment

Manicure with a clear hole or color coatingThis part assumes preliminary treatment of marigolds. It is necessary to soften the cuticle and remove unnecessary skin. Design pays attention to this particular area, so it should be an ideal shape.

After filing and shaping the plate, wipe it with a swab dipped in a degreaser. This will allow the varnish to lie more smoothly and dry faster.

manicure with white hole

The second step: design of the hole

If you want to do a manicure with a white hole, thenyou need to proceed as follows. Cover the nail with a dense lacquer of the chosen color and allow it to dry. After that, take the stencils for the French manicure and glue them on the top of the plate. Select the main shade and apply it to the nail. The upper part, separated by a stencil, should remain untouched.

If you want to create a moon manicure withIt is necessary to act somewhat differently. Choose the right color for the nail. After that, glue the stencils in the same way as described above. Cover your nails with varnish and wait until it dries. Then glue the stencils carefully. Now you need to arrange a smooth "smile". It's not always possible to do this from the first time. Take a wide brush. If its edge is arc-shaped, then it will be easier for you to work. Moisten the instrument in the nail polish remover and adjust the bezel. If necessary, draw a clearer line with a fine brush.

how to make a manicure with holes

There is also another option for creating a colorwells. It is suitable when it is necessary to make a dark "smile" on the main light tone. Cover the nail with the chosen varnish and wait until it dries completely. After that, glue stencils for the French manicure to the top of the plate, but they should be located slightly lower than in the above methods. Apply the necessary color of the varnish to a limited space and allow it to dry.

The third step: finishing touches

Lunar manicure must be covered with a fixative. Otherwise, the shades may begin to split unevenly, and the transition between them will be noticeable.

Apply the top coat of the final coating only after all parts have dried completely. Otherwise, you can lubricate the created design.

moon manicure with a transparent hole

Alternate options for loops

If you want to create an original manicure, thenuse different stencils. They can take the form of a square, a triangle, a zigzag and so on. Such accessories you can buy at each cosmetic store.

You can also show your imagination andby yourself draw details. To do this you will need a wide variety of brushes and favorite shades of lacquer. Remember that light shades should be applied under dark and vice versa. If you cover the plate in black and draw a white hole on top, the design may look awkward.

Stickers for nails

Currently, manufacturers of funds fornail art offer to buy special stickers. They have already been colored and painted holes. You only need to glue such accessories on the marigold and cover with a fixative. There is no longer any need to try to make symmetrical nails yourself. Remember that the stickers must be pre-cut in the shape of the nails. Glue them on a clean, pre-degreased plate.

Also you can buy ready-made holes.They must be applied to the previously applied color coating. The way of using each accessory is described on the package. It can be the thinnest films that are removed from the base in the water and superimposed on the plate. Also, you can choose tools with an adhesive surface that looks like solid paper material.

All these remedies are easily removed when necessary. Wipe off the top protective coating and remove the sticker. Such accessories do not spoil the nails.

moon manicure

Work of the master

If you want to create a moon manicure, but youthere is no time and imagination for this, then you can visit the salon. Specialists will quickly bring your plate back to normal and treat the cuticle. After that, the master will apply the appropriate color and quickly draw a hole. It is worth remembering that this procedure costs about 200-600 rubles.

If you want to cover the marigold with a colored gel or gel-varnish, then such work will have a higher price (500-1200 rubles). However, this design will last at least one month.

Conduct experiments on your own manicure.Do not get upset if the first time independent work has failed. Have enough patience, and soon you can make a spectacular and original manicure at home. I wish you success!