/ How to overcome split ends of hair

How to overcome the split ends of hair

Every woman knows that to spoil all externala kind as a whole and a hairdress in particular easily can split ends of hair which do any representative of a fair sex untidy and not well-groomed. The cross section of the hair is one of the most common problems of trichology. In order to solve it, it is necessary to understand why the ends of the hair are cut and determine their condition. The reason is most often due to improper care for them, neglect of simple rules of hair hygiene. Damage to the structure of the hair leads to its delamination. Negative factors are coloring, chemical perm, combing wet strands, creating fleece, the constant use of varnishes, mousses and other styling products. Another reason may be a longer length of fine hair, which leads to their tangling and brittleness. At the site of the break, cracks are formed, which then form the split ends of the hairfrom. The third reason is the internal state of the body, the wrong metabolism, the lack of vitamins and trace elements.

Identify what was the reason forthe appearance of this problem can only the doctor - trichologist after a series of tests. In reality, not every woman who has found the split ends of her hair, will handle this problem in specialized clinics. According to the expression of many doctors and specialists involved in improving the appearance, the best way to treat anything is at the time of the prevention. Based on this thesis, we can say that you just need to prevent the cross section of the hair, observing the simple rules for their care.

The first stage should be a new haircut, becausethat the split ends of the hair can not be restored. For these purposes, modern hairdressers use hot scissors. They seal the tips, not allowing them to separate in the future. You can trim your hair as needed, but at least 1 time in 2 months. Cutting off the dead part of the hair not only improves its appearance, but also contributes to its improvement.

If a woman has a severely split hair treatmentmay take some time and require a review of their lifestyle and nutrition. Trichologists advise to use more liquid, to give up fatty, sweet and abundant spices. In fact, it is a simple balanced diet, strengthened with vitamins A, E and calcium. They nourish the hair from the inside. For the same purposes, you can take special vitamin complexes. It is worth noting that, even when introducing vitamins in the diet, to achieve the best effect, you must adhere to a balanced diet.

Modern cosmetology is also able to eliminatesplit ends of hair with the help of various masks, fluids, balms. They compact the structure of the hair, gluing its scales. Their use is best combined with the use of exfoliating shampoo. Such treatment should be done 1 to 2 times a week with subsequent application of a mask. For frequent use, indelible fluids will fit that envelop the hair without making it heavier. They visually make the strands healthy and silky.

Hair immediately after washing your head can not beTo comb it, because it will damage their structure. Women who regularly use hairdryers for styling, it is necessary to set the mode of cold air and to refuse everyday procedures. The hair dryer, curling irons, special stretch straightening very much dry the hair itself, which leads to its fragility, delamination and, as a consequence, the cross section. Do not use these items every day to create a hairstyle, because in addition to harm, they will not bring anything else.