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How to self-cut hair tips: types (photo)

All girls tend to have beautiful and well-groomedhair. But to maintain them in this form, they need to be constantly looked after. One of the main rules is hair cutting. It prevents the formation of split ends. If you learn how to do without a hairdresser, then not only money is saved. You can cut curls at any time convenient for you. In the article, let's talk about how to cut your hair tips yourself.

how to cut your hair


If you know how you can trim the ends of your hair beautifully, you will achieve several benefits.

First, money is saved. No need to spend money to do the simplest procedure.

Secondly, it's not always possible to find the time to do it,to go to the salon and spend there an extra hour or two. Time needs to be coordinated, and plans, as you know, can change. Much easier, knowing how you can trim the tips of medium length hair or long curls, give it only a few minutes at home when there is free time.

Third, it is easier to remove only the length that you want. It is not always possible for a specialist to explain what the result should be in the end.

When is it necessary to cut hair?

Another question that may excite girls,is how often you need to trim your hair. Hairdressers are advised to do this at least once every two months. But with healthy hair you can do it even more often. If you remember about a haircut once in six months, your hair becomes weak, brittle, and even begin to fall out. Even with hair growing, the tips should be removed. Then the hair will be much healthier and stronger.

How to quickly cut hair tips

Some girls prefer to focus onphase of the moon, choosing the optimal time for a haircut. The best is the full moon. Having made a haircut on such a day, astrologers assure that the hair will become much thicker and will grow better.

To follow this advice or not is the business of every woman. But the fact remains that hair should be cut often.


So, if you want to know how to cut your hair by yourself, then you need to prepare the following tools.

  1. Mirror, or two.
  2. Good scissors - it is on their quality depends on what the haircut will turn out.
  3. Comb with large teeth.
  4. A sprayer filled with water.
  5. Clips and barrettes.

how can you cut the tips of hair types

Than guided, removing split ends

Those who want to learn how to cut their hair on their own should follow the following principles.

  1. It is very desirable to use professional scissors. Usual instead of the desired result will only spoil the curls, because of what they will be cut even more.
  2. Hair is cut perpendicularly. Diagonal slices will weaken them.
  3. Hair is sheared half a centimeter taller than the split ends. Then they will have a beautiful and healthy appearance.
  4. Dark curls are easier to cut on a light background, and light - on the contrary, on a dark background.

We achieve the ideal length

Let's consider step by step how quickly to cut hair tips.

  1. First, wash your head and dry it with a towel. Hair dryer in this case is not needed.
  2. Armed with a comb with large teeth, carefully comb out the curls.
  3. Then they are divided into several parts and secured with hairpins. It is better to start from the left side.
  4. Take a small strand, comb it. When drying, spray spray.
  5. The finished strand is clamped with the index and middle fingers. Then they pull and stop where they want to cut off. Then the fingers are clamped with force so that the hair does not move between them.
  6. Measure length before cutting.It is focusing on this first strand, and the remaining hair will be pruned. Several times, when you study, you can help yourself with a ruler. Then it will be easy to do by sight.
  7. Determined with length, neatly shearedtips. Strand is separated and proceeds to the rest. After they have sorted out all the hair, they are well combed and checked to see if there are any irregularities somewhere.

How can you cut the hair ends beautifully?

A few more tips

Here are some more tips, thanks to which you can achieve a perfectly even haircut.

  1. The main attention should be paid to the first strand. All other hair is cut to the same length.
  2. On lush and thick hair, cutting ends is much more difficult, chen by thin. Therefore, in some cases, you can ask a pair of lessons from professionals.
  3. You can see the visited ends by twisting a thin strand. If you do not loose the tourniquet, cut the separated hairs, then it will be easier to deal with the entire strand.
  4. For those who only learn how to do it themselvesto cut hair tips, at first can help a special clamp, which resembles a ruler. With the help of it, it is easy to pinch the hair of the desired length, then to cut them evenly. As you know, the clamp is used instead of the fingers that clamp the strands. However, in this case, it turns out perfectly smooth fixation, after which it is enough to walk neatly with scissors and the haircut is ready!

how to cut hair tips beautifully

Cut the tips and make hairstyles

In addition to a smooth cut, there are other ways,how you can cut the tips of your hair. The types of available independent haircuts, of course, are not too diverse. But, in addition to the standard method of undercutting, long hair can be shortened by making a tail. Get a beautiful V-shaped haircut. We will study how to do it step by step.

  1. First you need to determine the length.To do this, tie the tail on the lower level and cut off the extra tips. For convenience, you can tie another rubber band and lower it to the level where the hair needs to be cut.
  2. Then the tail is done higher and the manipulation is repeated.
  3. The third tail is done at the back of the head. Too short a length here do not need, since it is from this level that the cascade will begin.
  4. After this, the tail is tied in front of the forehead and aligned length, focusing on the bangs, so that it descends along the face.

How to cut the tips of a medium-length hair


Lover lovers should constantly follow from their length. Let's study the easy way of cutting an even bang.

First, she is combed into a position that is usuallywear. The rest of the hair is fixed with a clip or a hair clip. Hair damp, comb and take strand up to 4 centimeters. It is clamped with the index and middle fingers strictly horizontally, stretched and the other hand is sheared. Do not forget that wet hair is somewhat longer than dry hair.

Focusing on the first strand, trim andrest. After the end of the haircut, comb your hair and look carefully to see if there are any irregularities left. At the end, the ends are treated with thinning scissors.

For the oblique bangs, the central line is selected, takenwide strand and do asymmetric demolition, and then milled the hair. Do not worry if the length will be different. It will even give originality to a bang.

To lay the strands, take a round brush, raise at the roots and treat with a hair dryer. Laying can be done with ironing.

Another variant of the bang is "double".For this, the central part is made from the forehead to the crown. Choose a point in the middle. But with thin and rare hair it is better to move it closer to the forehead. Then draw a line to the ear and separate the rest of the hair, stamping them. The bangs are cut, oriented to the line of the lips. For naturalness, the strand can be made in the form of a brush.


Here such there are simple independent ways how it is possible to cut hair ends beautifully. Photos in the article illustrate light technologies and what hairstyles result from.