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How to make sure that the ends of the hair are painted beautifully

It would seem, to make so that the tips of the hairpainted in a different color, simple enough, but it's not. As with any other process related to changing the image, this procedure should be approached seriously and follow a certain sequence of steps. We'll figure out how to dye the right ends of the hair, so that the hairdo will eventually turn out beautiful.

hair tips painted

The first step is to take care of the availability of the necessary tools and tools for painting. You will need:

  • hair dye of the desired shade;
  • foil;
  • Erasers for the hair, especially if the strands are long;
  • sponge;
  • comb;
  • balm;
  • water.

When everything is prepared, you can proceed to painting. Let us repeat: in order for the hair ends to be painted correctly and beautifully, it is necessary to observe all the steps of this process.

First, you should examine your hair.There is a possibility that before staining it is necessary to apply to the hairdresser in order to get rid of split ends. This stage can not be overlooked, since after their coloring in a bright color all the shortcomings will become very noticeable.

how to dye hair ends correctly
To the tips of the hair were painted beautifully,you need to know about some of the nuances that relate to certain cases. Long curls should be divided into strands and at the desired level of staining to secure the gum. After that, you can dilute the paint and apply on the lower part of the hair. Then they need to be wrapped in foil, after a necessary period of time, rinse off the composition and dry the hair.

In order to make balayazh on shorthair, before they need to comb. In this case, the tips should stick up. Then you should put on the foil a small amount of the dye composition and hold them in areas that need coloring. After a necessary period of time the paint is washed off. If the hair is very soft and stubbornly do not want to stick up, which interferes with the application of paint, they can be fixed with varnish after scratching.

To the tips of the hair were painted beautifully andneatly curly curls, they must be divided into strands, the base of which is a square. At the base, the hair is wrapped in foil, the remaining ends are stained, and the composition is applied with a sponge. After the required time, the paint is washed off.

I want to paint the hair ends

It should be noted that when choosing a hair dyepreference should be given to those funds that contain herbal extracts, oils and vitamins. Such staining will not only give color, but also give a healthy look and rich shade for a long time.

If a girl or woman says:“I want to paint the tips of the hair!”, It can mean a variety of color combinations. It may be more natural shades, for example, light brown color closer to the roots and dark blonde at the tips, that is a softer transition. It is also possible to use a more contrast solution, for example, hot pink tips and black roots. In this case, the transition from color to color can be soft or smooth. With the first option, everything is clear, it is necessary to do the steps mentioned above, but the second should be discussed in more detail.

In order to achieve a softer and smoothertransition, it is necessary to initially paint the tips in the desired color. Then the necessary shade is applied on the basal part, not reaching the border with the color of the tips, after 15 minutes the hair is combed. Thus, the composition is distributed over the entire length of the hair. After the required time, the paint is washed off. After dyeing, a balm is applied to the hair.