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What if you have dry hair tips?

Hair is one of the main decorations of eachwomen. Luxurious and thick hair can drive any man crazy. Unfortunately, very often the girls are faced with the problem of dry ends of the hair, which leads to their cross-section and looks very untidy.

This problem occurs when violationsthe activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin, due to the use of an improperly selected shampoo or balm, frequent styling with a hair dryer, regular use of aggressively acting hair dyes.

Dry hair ends may occur asdry, and at their fat type. Signs of this problem are getting brittle, hair is tangled and easily torn, it looks dull and lifeless. What is remarkable, you can be saved from this problem by getting rid of damaged areas of hair, in other words, you need to make a haircut, and then provide intensive care to the ends of your hair.

Masks - the perfect treatment for hair.

Those who do not want to face such a problemas dry hair ends, prophylactic masks can be used. It is very easy to make them: before washing the head, carefully lubricate it with burdock or olive oil and wait about half an hour. After that, wash your hair in the usual way. Thus, you can protect the tips from strong drying, which inevitably occurs when shampooing ordinary shampoos.

If you already have dry hair, thenTry to wash your hair no more than once a week. You can use only special shampoos with a creamy structure, which contain chamomile extracts, wheat germ, lime blossom and vitamins. Take preventive measures before washing your hair: carefully rub burdock or linseed oil into your scalp, and then carefully cover your head with foil and cover with a towel on top. An hour later, the mask can be washed off.

There are also traditional methods of treatment.this problem. The most effective is a mask for dry ends of hair based on burdock root. To make it, take regular vegetable oil and add seventy-five grams of burdock root, finely chopped. Leave the mixture to infuse for a day. Then boil the infusion over low heat for fifteen minutes, strain thoroughly and rub into the scalp about an hour and a half before washing. This procedure should be done a maximum of once a week.

There is also a tool for the ends of the hair (andnot one) that needs to be applied directly to clean hair. It is the most effective because it envelops each hair, nourishing it from the inside and providing it with reliable protection from the outside. It is worth noting that the gaps formed in the damaged structure of the hair, filled with proteins and nutrients that strengthen and give a healthy look to your hair.

In addition to the use of special tools in the fightwith dry hair tips, you must also pay attention to your diet. Leading experts advise to eat as little fried, spicy and sweet food as possible. It is much better to replace it with vegetables, fruits and cereals. During the day, your body needs at least two liters of water for normal functioning. Do not forget about vitamins A and E, as well as the fatty acids found in abundance in fish, nuts, milk and vegetables.

In case dry ends of hair beginStack, it is worth refusing to use a hairdryer, curling iron and other thermal styling products. Do not comb wet hair, as they are saturated with moisture and under the influence of a comb strongly stretch, because of which they become thin, brittle and split. Use only wooden combs and more often let your hair rest from barrettes and elastics.