/ How to color the tips of hair by yourself?

How to color the tips of hair by yourself?

how to color the tips of hair

Any girl wants to be bright and memorable!In addition, modern fashion requires color brilliance and experimentation. Many begin radical changes from the hair, and this is correct, because it is they who are paid attention in the first place. Recently, coloring and highlighting have become especially popular. Also for brightness use the method of staining only the ends of the hair, which is called balage. It looks fashionable and charming. If you do not know how to color the tips of your hair, then this article is addressed to you.

Who can afford bright tips?

Of course, risk dyeing in a different colortips can only bold half of the girls, because they are usually more than others want to attract attention. Passers-by can cause contradictory feelings, because, as we know, people are divided into conservatives and liberals. The conservative half by the eyes will condemn your image for deviating from the norms, while others, perhaps, will be delighted with the new way and your courage. Here, as they say, you can not please everyone. Each girl is an individuality that has its own tastes, thoughts and ideas about beauty. Therefore, why not take a chance? If you belong to those people who are not afraid of skewed looks, then you should definitely try.

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Who are the painted ends?

I do not think that bright ends go onlya certain circle of girls. Most likely, they will suit all the colors of hair of different lengths. The main thing is to choose the color that will be either contrasting with your hair color or the tone is brighter or paler. In addition, recently it has become fashionable to paint tips in the color of faded hair. Many girls want to paint the tips of hair in red to look playful and feminine. In this case, your works will be immediately noticed, that is, the goal will be achieved. The stunning effect of bright ends will be particularly noticeable on long curls. Thanks to the tips painted in bright colors, you will instantly become bright and memorable, and the people around you will be convinced that you are following the latest fashion trends.

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How to color the tips of hair?

The method of staining depends on the length of the hair.If you are the owner of short hair, then staining does not take you much time and effort. To begin with, you need to make a haircut so that the tips are on top. We put a little paint on the foil and dipped the fingertips in it. Next gently "pinch" the tips of the hair so that they remain paint. Medium hair requires more thorough coloring. First, you need to divide the hair into strands, moving from ear to ear. Each lock is fixed in the tail and wrapped in foil. Paint the tips and leave them for a while. To make the lines smoother and clearer, you will need to put a foil under your hair and apply the paint on them with straight lines using a brush.

So, now you know how to painthair tips. The result will certainly please with its exclusivity and uniqueness. No special preparation, before coloring the ends of the hair, is not required. Experiments, of course, do not always end in success, but you definitely will not regret if you try. If you are concerned about how much it costs to color the tips of your hair, paint the house. You in fact already know all the subtleties of this procedure.