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How to create a poll in a contact and why it is needed in the context of the promotion of the group.

Quite often many people come acrossneed to convey information to the public. One of the most convenient ways to do this - a group in the social network "In contact". The reason for this? The daily audience of this largest social network has about 30 million people. This is slightly less than that of Yandex. This number of users is due to the user-friendly interface "VKontakte", accessible to all users from small to large.

Naturally, such a huge target audience is attractive for many large, as well as small companies.

So, each user can create a group,but for the successful fulfillment of the assigned tasks it should be supported and developed. Support for the group is associated with the regular updating of information on the page: adding messages to the wall, participating in discussions, creating polls, inviting new users. This will only add to the attractiveness of the group. Therefore, it is important to know how to create a poll in contact, along with many other things necessary to promote products, as well as ideas in social networks. Let's take a closer look at what is needed to promote "In touch."

With the addition of messages interesting to the targetaudience, problems can arise in principle can not. By default, the interface settings are such that you need to write a message and, if desired, attach multimedia content (video, image, sound file) to it. To make it elementary. But the further "trial of the pen" in creating content for your group can be more difficult. Sometimes you may need to know the opinion of the group members on a particular issue. You can thus track the number of people interested in your information. The easiest way to achieve this is to find out the answer to the question of how to create a poll in a contact using the following instructions.

Help to understand this can only practice.Let's just say that everything is simple enough. It is only necessary to select "Community Management" on the group's page and change the meaning of the discussion from "Off" to "Open". After this simple procedure you will get the opportunity to create a topic for discussion, which should be done. The name and body can be created from the topic of your survey.

Then select the item in the upper right corner"Edit", and in the drop-down menu, click "Attach Poll". A dialog box will appear to set the parameters for your future poll. Then specify a number of options, they should be within 3-5, otherwise the user will simply get confused and will not participate in the survey. The topic should be fixed at the top, which can be made the appropriate menu item. Here is the solution of the question, how to make a poll in contact on the wall.

Now, every time you go to a group, you firstwill see the poll. This is a great way to monitor the interest of users in the content of the group. Do not forget to also add useful entries and invite new users in various legal ways (without using bots). This is the simplest instruction on how to create a poll in a contact. As you can see, everything is easy and simple.

It should be noted that the period of explosive growthtraffic sots. network "In contact" passed. And now the struggle for the audience, which means that the attention of the end user of information has become more acute, therefore, it is important to be guided in the latest trends of SMM. To do this, you should regularly read the blogs of SMM specialists and constantly develop practice, because only your own experience will help to achieve success in "social" marketing. So the answer to the question, how to create a poll in a contact, is only the first step on the way to success in obtaining target traffic, which must then be processed appropriately.

To better convert it you need to decorategroup with a beautiful logo and add elements of the interface that will increase its attractiveness for potential participants and, with the right approach, will create an incentive effect to buy the advertised product. Solving the question of how to create a survey in a group in contact will help (with the correct statement of the case) to induce the consumer to act. If you have small budgets (and sometimes there are none at all!) - you should use any free advertising opportunity and think through each step in your promotion.