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How to create a subscription "In Contact"?

The site "VKontakte" is very popular, due to which onIt registered not only ordinary people, but also stars of show business, singers and actors. They are famous and recognizable people, not deprived by fans both in reality and in the social network. The number of their true friends "VKontakte" is not so great, but what to do with the other applications in which they offer friendship? To get the star status and many friends the majority of network users dreams, in this connection many would like to know how to create a "VKontakte" subscription?

This service is available to all comers and does not require any additional costs and special onerous actions. There are several ways to create a subscription to your page.

People who are subscribed to you are your subscribers. Their number is viewed just below the main photo of the page. These people like you "read" - their tape shows your changes and news.

People and pages to which you are subscribed,displayed on the left side just below the friends list. You can also view their news and updates in your feed. At any time, if you do not like something, you can unsubscribe from any kind of information coming from them.

How to create a subscription "In contact" by deleting?

In order to do this procedure,just go in the section with your friends and remove those comrades that you want to move to subscribers. Deleted friends will automatically be subscribed to your updates. The method is common, but not very effective. After trying to get as many subscribers as possible, you can remove an important person from your friends.

How to create a subscription "VKontakte" when applying to friends?

To anyone, not even the most outgoing anda popular social networking user receives applications from friends from other people. To someone less often, to someone more often. They can be comrades, just acquaintances and unknown people. It is up to you who will become your friend. How to subscribe "VKontakte" in this way? Yes, it's quite simple! When the next time you receive an application from a person who is not of interest to you, there will be two buttons in front of you: "take in friends" and "leave in subscribers." Choose the second option - and the person will automatically switch to your subscribers.

How to create a "Contact Us" subscription using the settings?

This option is suitable for people who do notlike to make unnecessary manipulation. Go to your page in the settings menu and go to the "privacy" section. From all offered, find a column called "who can add me to friends" and correct the situation to "friends of friends". Thus, only somehow familiar people can apply to you, and the rest will be automatically filtered out by subscribers.

From the number of users subscribing to yousotsseti depends on your place in the search among people. No one is insured from the transfer to subscribers, so there is also such a function as "unsubscribe" from a person.

How to create an event "In Contact"?

In order to organize a "VKontakte" meeting,meeting or a campaign for an event, just go to the "my groups" section, which is on the left in the user menu. A list of your groups and meetings will open. In the upper right corner there is an inscription "create a group / community", here it should be clicked. In the appeared window will be offered three options for the development of events: create a group, a public page or an event. Choose the last function and create the event that is necessary for you.

There are no strict restrictions on thegroups and events. However, if your "content" contains information that obviously harms users, it will simply be closed or deleted. In any case, everything that happens in the social network "VKontakte" should not go beyond the law.