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Create a group in the contact: detailed manual.

Social networks - this is probably the most visitedInternet site. Great convenience and constant increase in functionality leads to the fact that gradually more and more people create their own accounts. Of course, the majority are teenagers, for whom from the childhood the word "contact" means not the place of connecting electrical wires and not the position in the address book, but the site where mom, dad or older brothers and sisters spend a lot of time every day. It can not be said that this is bad, because social networks really make it very easy both to communicate people and exchange information.

Create a group in a contact

Groups in social networks - one of the typesassociation of registered users. Usually the reason for creating communities are common interests, a place of work, residence or study, an event or a general idea. Creating a group in the contact takes a few minutes, and therefore there are several tens of thousands. Of course, public pages-phrases are probably the most popular. Many groups for several years have already recruited several million participants. Others have in their composition only 20-30 people, but they can also be very dynamic. An example of this may be the unification of students studying in the same group at the university: there will be few participants, however, up to a hundred entries will be published daily.

group description in contact

The main factor determining such a hugethe number of Vkontakte communities, is that any user can create his own communication field, and this process does not have a limit. In addition, the creation of the group in the contact goes quite easily and quickly. To do this, click on the link "My groups" in the left menu. If you do not see this menu item, turn it on in the settings (My preferences - Left menu). In the upper right corner you will see the link "Create community". After you click on it, you will see a small window in which you will need to enter the name of the community, as well as its type. We need to create a group, so we choose this type (it is the first in the list).

The next step is to adjust the futurecommunity. At this stage you can add a description of the group in the contact, its location (if it makes sense) also add a blacklist and customize all sections (documents, discussions, audio and video recordings, etc.). Try to post as much contact information as possible. Of course, the subsequent editing of the group in the contact is possible and, most likely, you will ever refer to this issue. Repeat the process will not be more difficult than at the beginning. However, it is better to create a group in the Contact immediately add the most thorough editing.

editing a group in contact

If you do not want to manage alone,you can appoint, besides yourself, also other users, administrators, and each distribute a certain post, which will be listed in the list of managers. In principle, at this stage, the creation of the group in the contact is coming to an end. All you have to do to promote the community is to invite friends, ask them to invite their friends and regularly add various materials to the wall. Encourage comments and notes from users and soon your group will become popular.