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Share the positive - how to create an album in contact

Progress is not even moving by leaps and bounds.Everyone knows about social networks absolutely, and not using them, or those who do not have a computer for some reason, or those who are skeptical about this progress. Now it is not fashionable to print photos and collect dust on the albums. Where do people put their photos in social networks. Of course, not everyone will see the album on the shelf! But the album is in contact, the updated photos from the recent holiday will be enjoyed by friends. And if you're lucky - they will also comment, put "like" and in general "tell your friends." Now public recognition is very important, demonstration of joy to others. And that is why, as soon as an important event takes place, there is practically no question of how to create an album in contact. After all, most have long been aware of what's what. The albums are full of original names and bright photos on the covers. And if you view the pages of some users, you can see not even 10 albums, and the total number of photos in general can be equal to some 3-digit number (at least).

Why you need an album in contact

In fact, to create an album in contact is a mattersimple. It is more important to understand why you want to create it. After all, photography is something personal. And now even there is an opinion that photos from interesting events should be stored in hidden folders on the computer and should not be available to others. And this is a personal matter for everyone, and how to create an album in touch - the question remains open. But first you can decide what to do:

1.It's practical! All your photos will be stored on the Internet, you do not need to look for a long time a particular photo. The risk that you will lose the images will be associated only with the possible hacking of the account.

2. It's fun. Spending photos, you show them to all your friends. This is kind of excitement, waiting for an evaluation of your photo, active correspondence under it.

3.You do not have to figure out how to make an album. In a contact, you just need to put a photo and choose a cover - everything. But the usual album needs somehow to decorate, use glue or some other additional inventory.

Share your smile

Already in the very process of registration in thissocial network you are asked to add an avatar. There just add more photos immediately. If your page is already full, and you just want to add an album, just do the following:

1. Select the photos you want to share with your friends. You can put them in a specific folder, so that later it would be easier to find them.

2. Also, before you think about how to create an album in contact, you can think about its name and description.

3.Enter your page, go to the category "My Photos". There you can not help but notice a link called "create an album". Clicking on it, you will see that there is a table in which you are asked to enter the title and description of the album. It is also important to select people who can view and comment on the content of your album. Clicking the button "create an album", you get a virtual space in which you can add photos.

4. After receiving an empty album, there is a link from the top "add new photos". Clicking on it, you can add any number of photos, add a description to them, select a cover photo and save the changes.

Actually, these are the main stages that helpanswer the question about how to create an album in contact. You can add more photos to it, or you can create new albums. Share your friends with your smile, show off happy moments from life and save your photos in Internet space.