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How to make a group "VKontakte"

Probably, it makes no sense to talk about whatsuch a social network "VKontakte": almost every first person has a page in it. Many very actively use it and create all kinds of thematic groups that unite like-minded people. How can I design a VKontakte group to make it beautiful, make it easier to navigate through the proposed materials and simply raise the mood of the visitors? To do this, you will need skills in working with graphic editors (for example, Adobe Photoshop) and, in fact, the availability of these editors on your computer, in addition to the computer, the Internet and the account in this social network.

Now, to design a group "VKontakte", you,first of all, you need to create it. To do this, click the "My groups" item in the side menu and go to the "Communities" page, where you click "Create community". In the window that appears immediately, enter the name of your group and click on "Create community". The group is created.

Before you design a group "VKontakte", itsyou need to configure. Fill for this several information fields on the page "First Editing" and activate the necessary blocks. If you have not defined the settings yet, then skip this step and return to it a little later by clicking on the link "Community Management", which is located in the main menu of the group. But, in order to create a beautiful design of the VKontakte group, you need to include the "Materials" block.

The attractive design database is an avatar andpicture-menu. To create them, you need a graphic editor. It is allocated in the process of creation of registration of 3 basic stages: creation and preparation of necessary images, direct loading them into the specified group and creation of the functioning menu by means of the wiki-marking "VKontakte".

Before you design a group of "VKontakte"create an avatar in the graphics editor. For him, you can make absolutely any composition, but in height it should be less than 800 px (pixels), and in width - no more than 200 px. If you upload a larger image, "VKontakte" will still reduce it.

Next, start creating a menu consisting ofseveral pictures that are closely aligned with each other in such a way that they create the impression of a single whole. With the help of a wiki-markup, you need to assign each page a page that should open when you click on it.

To get this effect, you need to create aeditor one large and complete picture-menu with a width not exceeding 370 px. Select a background, draw buttons on it and write the names of the necessary sections on them, then divide this image into parts.

When the menu and avatar are ready, you can startuploading images to the site. To upload an avatar, click Upload photo. This link is located on the main page of the group. In the process of uploading, specify the portion of the avatar that will serve as the icon. After that, in a separate album, you need to download the fragments of the menu and start assembling it.

To do this, click on the link "Edit", whichappears when you hover over the "Fresh News" item. On the opened page, in the top field, it is necessary to enter the name of the menu. A large field is provided to enter the wiki markup and create the menu itself or other materials.

How do I issue a "VKontakte" group further? The next step is to enter the code for the wiki markup for each of the menu snippets using the following template:

[[photo- | x px; noborder; nopadding | http: //vk.com/pages? oid = - & p = ]]

All elements that are enclosed in are replaced with real values ​​for your menu, where:

is the ID (identifier) ​​of the image, it can be seen in the address bar if you click on the desired menu fragment in the album;

and - the width and height of the image-fragment;

- ID of the group you are registering. It can also be seen in the address bar of the menu editing page;

is the text of the name of the page to which the button will next indicate. Each gap in the title must necessarily be replaced by a lower dash.

More details about the wiki markup can be found ifclick on the link on the editing page link "Help on markup." Also, in order to create a beautiful group design, you can use text formatting, spoilers, tables that you can create using a wiki-markup.