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How to create a community "VKontakte" without having special knowledge?

Community "VKontakte" allows you to solve manytasks, but the primary - the union of people on any particular topic. In this article we will talk about how to create a community "VKontakte", we will consider what it is worth doing, what to do categorically not recommended, we will touch on the topic of free promotion of such a community. So, let's go!

how to create a community in contact
How to create a community "VKontakte"?

To begin with, you should decide on the name orthe name of this community (naming). It is strongly recommended not to use the name of your brand or store name in the community name. It is important to create a community of the most similar news orientation, but not commercial. For those who are engaged in business and he is interested in creating a group "VKontakte", I would like to advise the following. If your direction in business - to sell cowards, it is not necessary to create group "community on cowards" or similar nonsense. It is better to think how to attract the attention of the audience and at the same time hint at the nomenclature of your store. But the main thing is to make the information basis of your community, not commercial.

creating a group of vkontakte
If you are wondering how to createcommunity "VKontakte", then you should choose the type of community: public page, group or event. Let us pass directly to the solution of your question, we will create a community.

First of all, go into your social profilenetwork "VKontakte". Then go to the "Groups" section in the left menu. On the opened page in the upper right corner you will find the link "Create community". Then enter the name of your group, as we said above - naming. Just below the field, in which you entered the name, there will be a switch, it should be set to the "Group" position. After that, you just click on the "Create community" button and you will become the owner of your "VKontakte" group.

promotion of groups vkontakte
How to create a community "VKontakte", you nowyou know. However, at the end I would like to mention those tasks that can be solved with the help of similar groups. Of course, the first task is earnings. The untwisted groups "VKontakte" are able to earn good money on advertising. PR takes the second place in the list of goals for which communities are made.

But your community "VKontakte" does not cost anything andnothing will bring, if it does not have visitors. And for this it is worth considering how to promote the groups "VKontakte". Before promotion in a group it is necessary to make some amount of material so that the incoming users can stay. You can submit an ad in Yandex-direct, google-adsense or other contextual advertising services. In addition, a good result will bring PR of your group in groups with a similar thematic focus. Naturally, all these methods are paid, you may have to spend a fair amount of money. Independently send out invitations to the group - thankless business, first, for a day you can send them no more than 40, and secondly, more than a half of people will reject them. But this method also takes place, especially if the group has valuable information. Also, for sure, the business owner has a website with good attendance, an excellent way to promote the group "VKontakte" will be placing links to the group.

As you can see, the creation of the VKontakte group is an uncomplicated undertaking from a technical point of view, but it is quite laborious in terms of promotion.