/ Work at McDonald 's. Feedback from an ordinary employee

Work at McDonald's. Feedback from an ordinary employee

Work in "McDonald's" (reviews of which I foundon the Internet) is the dream of almost any guy or girl. Naturally, many students want to find some work for the summer time, because they have neither experience nor qualification.

Jobs in McDonald's reviews
Young people believe that there is nothing better thanwork at McDonald's in Moscow or St. Petersburg, not knowing what actually awaits them. Learning that one of their friends settled in the McDonald's, they enviously ask how they managed to get there.

Work in "McDonald's" (reviews about her privatesemployees testify to that) is a hard work. Naturally, no matter how objective or biased the feedback, people are all different, and everyone expects from their work.

Work in McDonald's in Moscow
Get a job at McDonald's is not at allcomplicated. You just need to go to any restaurant and take a questionnaire from the manager. After you return the completed questionnaire, wait for the call. You will be called and invited for an interview.

If your candidacy is suitable, you need to passmedical examination, get a health book, and - you can start working. True, first you have to go through training. The instructor will tell the newcomers that there is nothing more prestigious than working at McDonald's. Feedback from employees who have worked in this institution for many years, will convince you that any member of the team can soon become a manager or even a director! Worker "McDonald's" - is universal. He can fry in the kitchen of big men and hamburgers, stand on the counter, clean the hall and scrub the toilets. However, good money is received mainly by the directors and their assistants.

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The most interesting place in "McDonald's" iskitchen. It is out of it that everything that the visitors then eagerly eat. During a huge influx of visitors, the quality of food "pushes" into the background. Nobody watches how much they put cucumbers, mustard or mayonnaise, and also for the shelf life of some products. If we talk about the shelf life, it should be noted that all sandwiches without exception should be sold within 10 minutes after preparation. Otherwise, they must be discarded. If you look closely at the counter, from where the worker takes a ready-made sandwich, you can notice a lot of metal bars, on which there are numbers. These are timers. They show that the shelf life of the hamburger has expired, but you can rearrange the timer and ten minutes to work quietly. True, you need to do this unnoticed for the manager who is constantly watching you, otherwise you can not avoid a fine. For some kind of fault, one has to write explanatory notes. Simple workers do not eat at McDonald's for free. Free only you can drink drinks. Lunch break at McDonald's is only 30 minutes. If you did not, your problems. You can not be late for a minute. Put 3 more five minutes to go to the toilet.

The best thing about McDonald's is his employees.Not managers, but ordinary members. Hard work and constant stress unite people. Despite everything, the work at McDonald's, which is not the most flattering, is a good school. Those who have worked in this institution for at least one year are easier to hire!