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Work in "Megafon": employee feedback

Who would not want to work in a large company?Such organizations pay their employees always a good salary and additional bonuses for the fulfillment of the plan, provide medical insurance and other social guarantees. All this and much more promises to work in "MegaFon". Reviews of former employees of the company about it, however, are not always so bright. There are, of course, many different reasons for this. So, what is like the truth, and what is not?

Working conditions

Work in MegaFon reviews

During an interview with a potentialthe employer is one of the main issues that interests the applicant, are the working conditions. Few people want to work in the open air or during lunch to look for a place for a small snack. But here you should not even worry. Work in the office of "MegaFon" for any employee is organized in such a way that he can always relax during his break.

In any, even the smallest communication salona rest room is equipped. Of course, it will contain only the most necessary things: a refrigerator, a microwave oven and, of course, a table with chairs. In addition, clean drinking water and even a minimal set of dishes are purchased for employees. Despite the fact that workers do not sell food, each salon has the necessary equipment for personal hygiene. Everything is done to ensure that the employee is as comfortable as possible in the MegaFon. The feedback of the labor inspection is emphasized by the fact that the company cares about the convenience of its employees.


Work in the office of MegaFon

No less important is the graph in whichwork employee. Work in the "MegaFon" salon implies shift work, as all offices work without days off and breaks. On the one hand, it is very convenient. Do not need to ask for a campaign in the state institution. On weekdays, a subscription to a fitness club and movie tickets are cheaper. Students can adjust the schedule of work in such a way that they miss the minimum of classes.

On the other hand, you need to be ready to workat the weekend, when the whole family or friends are resting. It is also important to note that the shift can be up to 12 hours. The first time to work in this rhythm is harder than in the usual five-day period. But those who are used to this, usually find more pluses than minuses. In addition, with the shift work schedule, processing is possible, thanks to which at the end of the year you can receive an additional payment. But it will all be the same work in MegaFon. Comments from employees who received such a "thirteenth salary" speak very eloquently in favor of shift work.

Level of salary

Work in the salon MegaFon

And of course, everyone is interested, but how manyearns a monthly employee of such a communication salon? The amount that he will receive depends on many factors. His salary consists of two parts: a constant rate and premium. The first part can be changed only once in six months after the re-certification of all employees. But the second entirely depends on the worker himself. The more he sells devices, attracts new subscribers and connects additional services, the more will be his premium. There are cases when it is 2 times higher than the rate itself.

Those who have decided that they are working in"MegaFon", reviews about it are no longer important. Very much depends on the person. But clearly one thing is that the company does a lot to make its employees work in human conditions. In response, only one thing is required: to fulfill your duties impeccably.