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Working Conditions and Salary in McDonald's

McDonald's is one of the most famousthe world of fast food chains. Many scold restaurants for the quality and harmfulness of food offered to visitors, but the network continues to develop dynamically. Open vacancies are also always enough in any city. Should I go to work in such a restaurant and what is the salary in McDonald's?

Fundamental differences of the network from other cafes

Salary in McDonald's
According to the principles of his work "McDonald's"is significantly different from any other cafes and restaurants. There is no clear division of responsibilities. Beginners begin with cleaning the premises and washing the toilets, and very soon for diligence they can go into the category of "experienced" and be in the kitchen. The most important thing for fast food restaurants is to serve every customer at the proper level for the minimum amount of time. Surely, any visitor to the establishment of the network noticed that I began to collect his order even before the calculation by check. And when you buy food with you, waiting for longer than 2-3 minutes is rare, and this is in the conditions of a live turn. If you observe the employees, it immediately catches your eye that no one is sitting around, even when there are not so many visitors. And these are also features of corporate style.

Salary in McDonald's and the duties of employees

Salary in McDonald's in Moscow
For employees in the restaurant hard code:pure form, lack of jewelry and a minimum of cosmetics for girls. Do not wear shoes with high heels. It is forbidden to take a telephone with you to the workplace. It is inadmissible to communicate with other employees on personal topics or to talk about something with visitors. It would seem that under such conditions the salary in McDonald's should be very high, but this is not always the case. Payment by the hour, it is possible to make an individual schedule. In addition, the staff manager is always monitored by staff and evaluates their work. It is on the basis of this control that a decision is made at the end of the month to issue a bonus to the employee. As in any other catering establishment, employees are offered a free lunch (with a full shift) and a break for a rest.

Work McDonald's Moscow Salary

Features of work in McDonald's

For the sake of justice, it should be noted thatsalary in McDonald's in Moscow, even for a full five-day period may approach 25-30 thousand rubles. In the regions it is much smaller: a newcomer will rarely be offered more than 15 thousand rubles in the province even with full employment. The salary increases after about 2-3 months of work. This is a kind of probation and encouragement for those who take work seriously. A significant drawback is the lack of a tip. The policy of restaurants is such that it is strictly forbidden to receive gratitude from visitors to employees. Indeed, why - because the salary in the McDonald's is good. There is also a noticeable plus: everyone can get settled here. Only a health record is needed, no one will ask about the experience of work and the level of education. Such a vacancy is suitable for those who love monotonous activities and are afraid of responsibility. If this is about you, you really are satisfied with the work of McDonald's (Moscow). Salary start up and leaves much to be desired, but you will only have to answer for overcooked potatoes and not enough clean floors.