/ / "McDonald's" in Gelendzhik: location, reviews

McDonald's in Gelendzhik: location, reviews

When it became known that "McDonald's"will open in Gelendzhik, the city has begun to buzz. Internet portals, communities in social networks, all residents and tourists were waiting for the appearance of the restaurant of this famous brand for many years. Today on the busy street of the resort town near the entrance to the cafe is always the turn. What is the secret, do the townspeople and visitors of the city love "Mack" and what is the Gelendzhik fast food inferior to, and in what is superior to its partners in other cities?

Location and prices

The restaurants of this company grow like mushrooms afterof rain. In fact, despite the criticism of these institutions, the "Mack" loved by many has developed a brilliant business model. Did you know that the production and sale of hamburgers and other harmful delicacies is only a secondary source of the company's revenues? In the first place - real estate. Yes, McDonald's is the largest real estate owner in the world. Restaurants of the network are located in the passageways themselves, profitable places, some of the cafes look like works of art and are in buildings with a centuries-old history.

McDonald's in Gelendzhik

"McDonald's" in Gelendzhik has severaleasier. The managers of the company considered that the best place for an establishment in the resort southern city would be Lenin Street. And, apparently, they were not mistaken - there is always a queue near the doors of the restaurant, inside and on the street are usually occupied all the places, especially during the holiday season. At the same time, prices are higher here than in other "Macs" in Russia, and there is no ordering services for food through the window to your car. In addition, some complain about the quality of service in McDonald's in Gelendzhik.


Probably, in our country and in the world as a wholethere are two types of people: fans of fast food and ardent opponents. On the Internet, you can find a lot of comments and those and others. In any case, the feedback on McDonald's in Gelendzhik is quite contradictory, and it's hard to say which is more. Many complain about the quality of service, communication of staff with customers. Others notice that sometimes there are not enough ingredients in the sandwiches. Still others lament over the lack of tables on the street. And the fourth complain about dirty toilets and large lines.

McDonald's in Gelendzhik address

At the same time, one can find many statements inprotection of the restaurant. Two floors, a spacious hall, comfortable chairs and chairs, clean tables, delicious food, speed cooking, a special atmosphere - all this makes millions of people in Russia every day come back here again and again to pamper themselves with something, albeit not very useful, but quite tasty. According to many, the restaurant in this resort town is not inferior to its "brothers" in the Krasnodar Territory, and in Russia in general. How many people - so many opinions, so it's best to come yourself to McDonald's in Gelendzhik. The address is simple: st. Lenin, 10. The cafe waits for guests from 7 am and until midnight every day without breaks and weekends.