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"McDonald's" in Anapa: address

Fast food and fast food restaurants more and moreenter into the life of busy people. Such food seems tasty, inexpensive and satisfying. However, it is not only not useful, but also harmful with frequent use. Nevertheless, vacationers of the Black Sea coast are wondering whether there is a McDonald's in Anapa.

makdonalds in anapa

A bit of history

Anapa is a resort town locatedin the south of Russia. Its area hardly reaches 60 square kilometers, and the population is about 76 thousand people (for 2017). Many people here come to rest. Holidaymakers prefer to eat in cafes and canteens, eliminating themselves from the daily routine of cooking and washing dishes. In this regard, in 2012, it was decided to open the McDonald's in Anapa. The point of its location was a shopping center with a loud name "Red Square".

"McDonald's" in Anapa: address

Outwardly this institution is no different fromsimilar, located in larger cities. "McDonald's" in Anapa has the same menu assortment, and the taste of dishes - tell the visitors of the cafe - is no different from the similar ones.

Располагается кафе на территории shopping and entertainment complex, so after a meal, visitors can stroll around the shops and visit the playgrounds, escaping from the summer heat. Immediately there is a cinema. "McDonald's" in Anapa is located at: Astrakhanskaya street, 99. If you, like most vacationers, have a navigator, then it will be very easy to find this place. Many vacationers rely on the hint of people on the street, referring to them with a question about the location of the cafeteria. However, it is not always possible to get a quick and accurate answer, since most beach visitors are also visitors.

makdonald's in anapa address

To sum up

If you are going to visit the city of AnapaKrasnodar region, then be sure to visit "McDonald's". Polite and friendly staff will offer you delicious dishes at reasonable prices and tell you about the novelties of this season.