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Lymph nodes on the neck how to treat and, most importantly, what to treat

Many of us have faced such a problem,when a tight, freely rolling formation appears on the neck, most often in the cavity between the lower jaw and the major muscle of the neck, which is called the sternocleidomastoid-mastoid. Also, this can happen and somewhat lower, under the lower jaw, or on the back surface of the neck. As a rule, it does not exceed one centimeter in diameter, but sometimes it can reach impressive sizes of several centimeters. Such an education can be single, or maybe symmetrical, on both sides at once, in rare cases, even their accumulation is possible. It can be painful, and may not cause any discomfort, but in this connection a person almost always becomes uncomfortable. The first emerging thought is a tumor of a neoplastic nature, but such cases are quite rare, and most likely it is lymphadenitis, that is, it inflamed and therefore lymph nodes on the neck increased. Such cases are not uncommon, and there can be many reasons for this.

Lymphonoduses are a kind of filter,catching the pathogenic microorganisms that enter us. They are a very important part of our immune system, and if it works normally, the lymph nodes are not inflamed, but in the case of weakened immunity, the parasites that get into them do not die, but become the cause of the inflammatory process in the lymph node itself. That is why the most important recommendation, if you are concerned about the lymph nodes on the neck how to treat them - of course, to strengthen the immune system.

Sometimes the lymph node increases simply becauseit has the greatest load, and with its decrease it returns to its original dimensions - thus, when it feels, there is no pain, and the general well-being of the person remains normal. This means that the body successfully fights against the infection that has got into it, albeit with some strengthening of its protection. In this case, you just need to help your immunity, that is, create favorable conditions for its successful functioning - we all know how the healthy way of life, moderate physical activity, fresh air, full sleep and proper nutrition are beneficial to him. In this case, we are not talking about the inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck as to treat such a condition - it is well known: it is enough to follow the general recommendations, and soon everything will pass away.

As a rule, the inflammation of the lymph node on the neck happensis associated with an infectious lesion of nearby tissues or with some inflammatory processes both in the immediate vicinity of the enlarged lymph node and in any other place of the body, and the first thing to think about is the elucidation of the reason why the lymph nodes in the neck have been enlarged how to treat it and should be the right decision. The lymph node itself does not have a reason to treat it precisely because in the overwhelming majority of cases its inflammation is not the disease itself, but an indicator that something is wrong in the body. The first thing that the inflammation of the lymph node on the neck symbolizes is weak immunity, and the immune system does not cope with its function and instead of fighting infection, it becomes the object of her attack. In this case, an increase in temperature is possible, accompanied by headache, fatigue, weakness, poor overall health. Worst of all, when the temperature rises slightly - it means that the immunity is in very poor condition. Most likely, without treatment with antibiotics in this case will not do, since inflammatory processes are most often bacterial in nature, and if the body does not cope with them, then it needs to be helped. This case requires the attention of a specialist, so when lymph nodes on the neck are inflamed, how to treat them should be determined by the doctor - an independent uncontrolled intake of strong antibacterial drugs can only harm the already weak immunity.

As already mentioned, it often happens thatit is necessary not so much to treat lymphonoduses on the neck how to treat that disease, due to which the infection in the body is present for a long time. Very often the cause of inflammation of the lymph nodes is a sick tooth. And it is not necessary that he will be ill - it may well be that you yourself do not know that the tooth requires treatment, and the pathogenic bacteria that have settled there spread throughout the body and represent a serious load for immunity. There is no simpler case to cure lymph nodes on the neck how to treat lymph nodes that are inflamed due to a tooth decay - it is enough to visit a dentist. However, even in this case, we should not forget about immunity - the problem is not so much in the presence of infection as in its inability to cope with it, so the restoration of the protective properties of the body in any case will have to be given increased attention.