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Have lymphonoduses behind an ear inflamed? The main thing is to fight the infection!

lymph nodes inflamed behind the ear

In its natural state, lymph nodes,which are behind the ears, have small sizes. They should not be larger than 8 millimeters. If the lymph nodes behind the ear are inflamed, they increase. Then you need to undergo a thorough examination in a medical institution. Thus it is possible to determine the cause of the pathology. If the lymph node behind the ear is inflamed (the photo of how it looks, you can see in the article), this process can be generalized or local. It usually occurs as a result of some reaction of the body to infections and the influence of harmful microorganisms. This phenomenon is called lymphadenopathy.

The structure of the lymph node system

The structure of a kind of biological filtersconsists of many vessels and ducts. The lymph nodes constitute a whole network and provide a return to the fluid of the tissues, which is outside the cardiovascular system, back. It is their cells that are responsible for the production of antibodies, with which the human body fights against diseases. If the lymph nodes behind the ear are inflamed, it means that the process is disrupted and you need to restore it.

Among other things, these peripheral organsproduce phagocytes that ensure the splitting of human waste. Accordingly, in the case of inflammation of the lymph nodes, waste products are evacuated more slowly. This may trigger the development of some other pathologies.

why are the lymph nodes inflamed behind the ears

Why are the lymph nodes inflamed behind the ears

The most common factor causingThis pathology is an infectious process. It can be localized or systemic. Due to the close connection of the lymph nodes with the process of producing antibodies, inflammation is a reaction to the penetration of pathogens into the body. Pathology manifested behind the ear, most often is a consequence of infections that affect both the organ itself and the eyes and throat. Also, a similar phenomenon can be observed with some types of allergies.

If the lymph nodes are inflamed behind the ear and the processaccompanied by symptoms in the form of peeling and itching of the scalp, excessive hair loss, perhaps a fungal infection is present in the body. This option causes an immediate visit to the doctor to identify the problem and fix it.

lymph node inflamed behind the ear photo

Other factors in the development of the inflammatory process

There are some other reasons for the enlargement of the lymph nodes that are behind the ears:

  1. Local infections that usually enter the body through the temples, the throat, the skin of the head, the auricle.
  2. Rubella.
  3. Adenovirus infection.
  4. The exanthema is viral.
  5. Tonsillitis or pharyngitis.
  6. Pathology of the salivary glands.
  7. Acceptance of certain drugs.

What therapy is used if the lymph nodes are inflamed behind the ear

When pathology is caused by an infection,treatment is prescribed with the mandatory use of antibiotics. Thanks to these drugs, the inflammation stops, the lymph nodes are reduced in size, they come back to normal. If antibiotic therapy does not bring positive results, additional research should be conducted tests. According to their results, additional therapeutic agents are prescribed.