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Why enlarged lymph nodes under the arm and how to treat them?

enlarged lymph nodes under the arm

Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm (photo ofeducation in front of you) may indicate the occurrence of a number of serious diseases. After all, this peripheral organ in the body performs the main function of a biological filter that protects a person from various infections. There are such nodes in the most important parts of the body. In the normal state, this organ is not detectable, but if it is inflamed, then it is immediately noticeable.

Enlarged lymph nodes under the arms: causes of inflammation

If you notice that your lymph nodes are undermice have acquired a special sensitivity, you should immediately consult a doctor. By the way, such a deviation has not only pronounced pain (with pressure), but also other symptoms. For example, lymph nodes are enlarged under the arm or not, can be identified using the usual probing method. If such a disease does occur, then small rolling balls are felt quite well under the skin.

The reasons for this education can be anything. The most likely of them are the following:

  • intoxication of the body, which has arisen due to complications after suffering the flu;
  • inflammation of the mammary glands in both women and men;
  • a cold or infection of the nose, throat, or ear;
  • regular and profuse sweating, which caused the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.

Another reason that can belymph nodes in the armpit are enlarged, such an oncological disease as lymphoma is. It should be noted that if in other cases the inflamed nodes are painful enough, then with cancer they may cause absolutely no discomfort.

Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm: methods of determining
enlarged lymph nodes under the arms of the cause

As stated above, for such a deviationthere are aching pains in the appropriate place on the body, as well as subcutaneous "balls". But beyond this, the following symptoms indicate an increase in the lymph node:

  • redness of the skin;
  • general weakness;
  • regular headaches;
  • high temperature;
  • chills.

How to treat?

If you have enlarged lymph nodes under the arm, then first you should contact your doctor, who will help you identify the true cause of this deviation.

enlarged lymph nodes under the arm photo

It should be noted that the main treatment thataimed at combating harmful microbes and bacteria, is the use of antibiotics and sulfonamides. Only the experienced doctor will tell you exactly which drugs should be used to reduce the inflammatory process.

An equally important factor in the treatment of this disease is the strengthening of the body's defenses, as well as the reduction of its intoxication. In this matter, quite well help traditional medicine.

  • It should be crushed 1 large spoonful of dry calendula, pour it with 240 ml of boiling water and insist for half an hour. Drink cooked tincture preferably before meals in 50 ml at least 5 times a day.
  • It also helps to clean the lymph from bacteria decoction of calendula flowers and tansy, prepared according to a similar recipe.