/ Lymph node on the neck: treatment and causes

Lymph node on the neck: treatment and causes

Lymphonoduses are filters that remove allpathogenic bacteria and viruses and are an important component of the body of any person. If their work is complete, then no inflammation occurs. And if the human immunity is weakened and unable to resist disease, then the lymph nodes can become inflamed. Therefore, the first way to treat this process is to strengthen immunity.

Where are the lymph nodes?

lymph node neck treatment
Basically they are located in the armpits, groin andthere are lymph nodes on the neck behind the ear. Another name is the lymph glands. If they become inflamed, it means that an infection has entered the body. This can happen anywhere in their location. However, the nodules on the neck are mostly inflamed. This indicates a disease such as angina or ear infection. The size of the lymph nodes is a pea. They are very well seen and easy to feel. Removal of lymph nodes on the neck is not always recommended. First it is worth trying to cure them. After treatment, as a rule, these glands remain inflamed for another couple of weeks. The better the work of lymph nodes - the better the work of the whole body. Since the inflamed nodes are not a disease, but merely a symptom of other diseases, we must look for the problem itself and treat it.

Lymph node in the neck: treatment

removal of lymph nodes in the neck
Often an increase in nodes occurs due to the fact thatthey had a big load. In this case, you only need to help the body fight, create conditions that will affect favorably the treatment of lymph nodes (rest, warmth, medical care). If during inflammation of the nodes the temperature rises (often it is very high), you should try to reduce it and ensure the patient complete rest. It should be treated with antibiotics to eliminate the possibility of re-inflammation and eradicate all possible infections. If this does not help, you should consult a doctor and undergo a full course of treatment for all possible infections.

Lymph node on the neck: treatment of folk remedies

If you don’t have time to go to the doctor or simply don’t want to, then there are a lot of folk ways. But, despite the fact that many of them are checked, it is better to consult a doctor about the choice of treatment.

Lymph node in the neck. Treatment with echinacea.

Echinacea is an excellent remedy for treating inflammatory processes. It has antiseptic properties and helps to quickly recover. Use it, as a rule, in

lymph nodes in the neck behind the ear
виде готовой настойки:10 drops in a glass of water or any juice, use throughout the day at least 4 times. In powder form also suitable. Echinacea syrup also gives a wonderful effect. It must be consumed during the day. Adults - at least 3 spoons.

Lymph node in the neck: treatment with vitamin C

Vitamin C increases white blood cells andactivates their fight against any infections in the body. You need to take 250 mg three times a day. It is possible to increase the dose to 500 mg. If no effect is observed, then it is possible to increase the amount of vitamin consumed to 1000 mg per day. Sometimes you have to drink 2000 mg three times a day, but this is only by prescription after an examination.

Зеленый жадеит обладает уникальной способностью cleanse the body. This is a stone, it must be selected according to the size of the inflamed lymph node. You need to attach it to the glands and wait at least 10 minutes. The difference will be felt immediately. The procedure must be performed several times a day until complete healing.