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What do acupuncture points on the human body say

In total, there are 409 acupuncture points on the human body, of which 52 are separate, 48 are located on secondary canals, and 309 are paired points.

Where are you located?

Quite a lot of them are located in the gaps or inrecesses of the bones, but it is not necessary to locate them in these places. But under each of them several blood vessels, one large vessel or humoral fluid must pass. Blood and fluids are constantly moving, and in places of acupressure exposure, they can be easily held and controlled by the lymph and nerve cells. This is one of the unique "phenomena" of the acupuncture point.

acupuncture points on the human body

Main acupuncture channels

Chinese healers claim thatthe human body and its internal organs pass 12 main channels (meridians) through which blood, life force and nutrients circulate, allowing the body to function as one. Acupuncture points on the human body run parallel to these meridians.

Impact points

Acupuncture points and their location have been studied.in antiquity, each of them has its own name and scope. Exposure to them is carried out with the help of silver needles, massage movements or pressing with a finger.

points on the human body

Harmonizing points

They are located at the starting point and end of the meridians. Their stimulation favors the well-coordinated work of the organs, which are governed by specific meridians.

Stimulating points

Each meridian has stimulating acupuncture points on the human body, when exposed to which the body’s energy resources are activated.

Soothing points

Such acupuncture points on the human bodybalance the activity of the nervous system. When stimulating them, a person has pleasant sensations. Any internal organ has so-called points of arousal. Immaculate acupressure helps reduce pain.

acupuncture points

Use in the treatment of diseases

Each body has a connection with certainpoints. Therefore, any changes in the activity of the body are reflected in the points associated with it, and this makes it possible to make the correct diagnosis. Slight pressure on the desired points normalizes the work of the body.

Revitalization and recovery

Acupuncture points on the human body arebiologically active areas, and the correct impact on them activates or restores the processes of self-regulation through the redistribution of energy from other meridians.


To affect specific organs, it is necessarystimulate points on the human body, distributed along the energy meridian. The most important are used for this: they are located in the area of ​​the earlobes, head, hands, feet and along the spine.

Acupressure session

There are a lot of active points, therefore only a specialistit is known, in what diseases it is necessary to influence certain of them. Acupressure session is as follows: the desired points are pressed by the thumb or index finger or massage stick.