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Why does the body have red moles and is it dangerous?

Every person knows what moles are, because theyare present on the body of all people in one or another quantity. However, in our understanding, the usual shade of these spots is brown. Until now, it remains a mystery to many why red moles appear on the body. Do they represent any danger to human health? In fact, it is better to look after the mole of any color, in order to be able to prevent undesirable consequences in time.

Why does the body have red moles?

why on the body appear red moles

Such specks are a clusterpigment (as a special reaction to melanin). Moles begin to appear on the child's body not immediately, only after the first year of life. With the growth of the child, their size and quantity increase. Constant interaction with clothing or other external factors can lead to traumatization of the neoplasm (and infection) or its growth. In addition, this fact can be a logical explanation why the body appears red moles. The fact is that serious damage sometimes provokes the reproduction of cancer cells and, as a consequence, the formation of a tumor of a malignant nature. Moles can be of different shades and sizes, with proper care they will not harm the body, however, you should not lose your vigilance.

Why on the body appear red moles: the causes

why there are red moles

If a large convex spot unexpectedlyhas acquired a reddish hue, it is worth considering the work of the vascular system. Look closely at the neoplasm and see that it is permeated with the thinnest capillary network. Thus, a violation of normal blood flow is expressed. It is not superfluous to undergo a thorough examination with a specialist. Why do red moles appear in children? This is due to the fact that their body is at the stage of formation and is susceptible to the influence of aggressive factors. In an adult, a change in the color of the emerging moles indicates problems with lymph nodes and vessels. Convex neoplasms are called angiomas in another way and represent a benign tumor. As a rule, such a mole does not attract negative consequences, of course, provided that it is properly taken care of. Growth and color change can also be caused by exposure to sunlight, damage to the skin surface and the penetration of chemicals.

When is it necessary to remove red moles?

removal of red moles

If there are several convex points on the body, thenit is worth consulting with a doctor. Currently, specialists remove only pathologically dangerous neoplasms and those that give patients discomfort. Many people decide on the need for surgery for aesthetic reasons. Often these are situations where large moles are located on the face. Currently, the operation to remove them is considered a simple procedure. The process can be carried out using a laser, which means that deep incisions are not required. If you have a predisposition to cancer, then most likely, the doctor will recommend removing the largest and suspicious species.