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Red dots on the legs - is it dangerous?

When we find ourselves on our bodies unexpectedlywhere the stain comes from, it worries us. And not in vain: it is with the formation of red spots and points that most dermatological diseases begin, and, besides this, they can also testify to the presence in the body of other pathologies, not of a dermatological nature. It is important only to distinguish the common trail from the bite of a mosquito or a bug or a simple pimple from a dangerous red spot - the first symptom of a dermatological or other disease. The trace of the bite itches, but if you do not touch it, it quickly disappears. If you press the pimple, then there is a slight pain, then the pimple ripens and disappears by itself. If the red spot exists on the body for several days and does not pass, but only increases in size - this is an occasion to turn to a dermatologist.

But sometimes we find on our bodies(mostly on the legs, but also on the arms and trunk) small blood points, as if a drop of blood appeared on the skin as a result of the injection. If you have such red points on your legs, and they persist for a long time, you can assume that these are red moles, which in scientific circles are called hemangiomas. From ordinary birthmarks and pigmented spots, hemangioma differs intensely in red or crimson (sometimes pink) color. He does not ache and does not itch. If you push the red mole finger, it will turn pale, and after a couple of seconds will take its usual bright color.

What are the dangers of blood spots on the body?The fact that unlike ordinary moles is a benign vascular tumor. Until it manifests itself in any way - it does not grow, does not deepen, as long as such points are single, you should not worry. And the more you can not try to remove such birthmarks yourself. Sometimes from red dots, like rays, red threads diverge. In this case we are dealing with arachnid or stellate hemangioma. If there are no rays, this is a spot hemangioma.

Why do the red dots appear on my feet, until now?pores have not been fully explored. They appear regardless of age, even in babies. But in the case of the appearance of red dots in children, this trouble disappears by 6-7 years by themselves. But if you notice such a spot of blood near the baby next to the eye, nose or genitals, it is better to remove it. Remove those spots that are beginning to increase. This procedure is performed by a dermatooncologist.

In adults, red dots on the legs mayappear for completely different reasons. Often they occur in people with hormonal disorders, in those suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia. Red moles can indicate violations in the liver and pancreas. And can be a consequence of frequent sunburn. But if we want to understand the cause of red moles on the body, we must undergo a long and thorough medical examination.

But if the red dots on the legs do not causeno discomfort, it is better not to touch them. Remember: a benign tumor should not be bothered unnecessarily, because there is a risk that it will change its nature and grow into a serious cancer. It is not necessary to cauterize blood points in cosmetic rooms with liquid nitrogen - these blood points, although they can slightly rise above the smooth skin, have nothing to do with warts. Self-removal of red moles at home will only cause bleeding, which will be difficult to stop.

Remove red dots on hands and body bestat the expert-dermatoonkologa a method of laser surgery. The doctor examines the birthmark and after the tests will tell if it is dangerous or not. Having studied the specifics of the birthmark, the doctor can refer you to the appropriate specialist to, first of all, cure the disease - the cause of the birthmark, and not a symptom. In addition to the laser, the sclerosis of the vessel bed and the X-ray therapeutic method are widely used to correct moles.