/ What will the mole on the lip tell?

What will the mole on the lip tell?

On earth, there is no person who hasbody it was impossible to find even one birthmark. Why? The scientists, doctors, and seekers of truth in matters of the universe have long been thinking about this question. What does the birthmark on the lip, chin, arms, chest or other part of the human body testify? Is this a kind of map of man's destiny, as magicians and wizards say? Or maybe moles are signs of the body, obvious manifestations of the fact that undesirable changes occur within a person?

Doctors have an unequivocal answer:Birthmarks are signals that indicate the health of a person. While the mole does not grow, does not increase in volume or their number is invariable, it is possible not to worry. But the sudden appearance of many of these points on the human body promises troubles and requires an urgent examination of the oncologist.

An interesting hypothesis related to moles,put forward by astrologers and psychics. In their opinion, each birthmark is a symbol of one or another star. Depending on what kind of speck of color and shape, you can read the map of the fate of a person, find out his future and predict the events. On the one hand, this hypothesis sounds ridiculous. After all, fate chooses the man himself and the order, the outcome of events depends only on his actions and actions. But at the same time, if we take into account the fact that moles have the ability to disappear suddenly as well as to appear, one can believe in their unearthly nature.

Let's look into the past and listen to whatancient masters-elders spoke about moles. And they were just sure that the marks in the form of dots on the human body - a gift sent by heaven, which can shed light on why a particular person came to this world: whether to give good, whether to sow evil crops.

Each mole, according to the wise, has its ownvalue. For example, a mole on the chin or the lower part of the face indicates that its owner is a hardworking person, with a gentle complaisant character, honest and sweet. It is pleasant to communicate with him, to lead friendship. Also, a mole on the chin on the left shows that a person is lucky to find a worthy couple and live happily in marriage. But on the right side the round mark says that he will be rich and his need will not touch. The more a mole, the more prosperity.

A lot of interesting information about its owner will tella mole on the lip, will tell about the advantages and disadvantages. The possessor of such a gift is a romantic nature, which tends to trust more in the heart than to listen to the voice of reason. If the mole above the lip is, then you can say that this person likes to eat delicious, because of what has problems with excess weight. He needs to be attentive to his health. Speaking of the character, it should be noted that the person is frivolous, often becomes a participant in adventures and unpleasant life situations. At the same time, the birthmark on the lip is often found in creative people who have the gift of foreseeing events.

Yes, many interesting things can tell birthmarks onthe human body, if we consider their meanings as they said in ancient times. But often there are people who do not count moles on their bodies. Really, having read each separately, you can believe that their owner is such a versatile person!

But doctors cautiously talk about birthmarks.They, unlike the wise, connect their appearance on the body with diseases and malfunctions in the work of the human body. In their opinion, a growing mole or changing color should be under observation. There are often cases when suddenly appeared, for example a birthmark on the lip was a harbinger of such a disease as cancer. Unpleasant and creepy. Also, doctors do not recommend certain birthmarks to be removed, traumatized. Any interference can lead to serious consequences. And with this judgment it is difficult not to agree. If you accidentally tear off or hurt a birthmark, then the bleeding is quickly stopped very difficult.

Which theory to adhere to, the case is individual. But the fact that moles on the human body are not without reason, there is no doubt.