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How and where to change the SNILS when changing the surname: features, documents and recommendations

It's no secret that Russia has a placea huge paper red tape. Today the country's population must have quite a few documents. The production of each paper is accompanied by a number of questions. Among them there is often a list of documents. It is also important to understand exactly where these or those papers are issued. Otherwise, even the simplest process of issuing or replacing documents will turn into a real nightmare. Fortunately, in Russia now there are organizations offering public and municipal services in one place. Today we have to find out where to change the SNILS when changing the name. What documents can be useful for the implementation of the idea? How much time is the insurance certificate of a citizen reissued? What features does this process involve?

where they change the snails when changing the surname

SNILS is ...

The first step is to understand which documentthere is a speech. SNILS is an insurance certificate. It is a small green-white card that stores information about the insured person.

At the SNILS you can see:

  • Full name of the citizen;
  • date of birth;
  • date of registration of the document;
  • floor;
  • insurance number.

Without SNILS, you can not now use the bulk of state and municipal services. This document should be not only in adults, but also in children. Sometimes it needs to be changed.

Reasons to replace

Many are interested in how to change the SUNS certificate when changing the surname. But before you look for the answer to this question, you need to clearly understand when in general replace the insurance certificate.

This document does not have a so-called service life. It is issued for an indefinite period. But under certain circumstances, SNILS needs to be changed. Among such cases, there are:

  • change of personal data (surname, name or patronymic);
  • typing errors when entering information into the document;
  • when the paper is damaged;
  • if a person has lost SNILS.

Accordingly, only occasionally to citizensit is necessary to apply to these or other bodies for the implementation of the idea. What did the population prepare for this process? What advice and recommendations will help to quickly replace the insurance certificate?

where they change the snails after changing the surname

Where to exchange

Where do they change their SNILS when changing their last name? This question worries the bulk of the population. In Russia, an insurance certificate, like a number of other documents, can be exchanged in different government services.

Among them are:

  • Pension funds of Russia;
  • portal "State services";
  • multifunctional centers;
  • employers.

The last version of the development of events is not so common in practice. Basically citizens try to change these or that papers independently. This makes life much easier!

Term of exchange

It is clear where the change of SNILS when changing the name or for any other reasons. How long to wait for an insurance certificate?

At the legislative level, an equal15 days. That's how much a citizen will have to wait for a new SNILS. The reason for replacing the document role is not playing. In some cases, paper is made faster. The citizen is informed about her readiness by phone.

what you need for snails when changing your last name

If it is a question of newborns, the period of exchangeSNILS can be reduced. But this is a rather rare phenomenon. Usually, citizens need to wait 15 days. Nevertheless, the FIU staff can issue a new copy of the document within a few minutes. This is a rather rare, but a practical phenomenon.


Where do they change the SNILS after changing their last name?Citizens can apply to the territorial Pension Funds of the country. In these bodies, as a rule, the document is replaced faster. After all, the request will be made directly.

The advantage of applying to the RF FIU is thatsometimes employees of the organization can give a new SNILS to a citizen within a few minutes. As already mentioned, this is usually possible, when it comes to the insurance certificate of a newborn.

Need to replace SNILS when changing the name? Where and how to change this document? Turning to the FIU, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Prepare some documents necessary for the operation. A full list of them is presented below.
  2. To come to the Pension Fund of Russia at the place of registration.
  3. Write an application for issuing a new SNILS. Give the previously prepared paper.
  4. Wait until the document is ready and pick it up at the same FIU where the application took place.

Все намного проще, чем можно было представить.The main disadvantage of applying to the FIU is the queue. Often replacing the SNILS turns into a long wait. Therefore, people sometimes resort to alternative ways to exchange a document.


How to change the SNILS when changing the name?The features of this procedure will be explained later. First you need to understand how the order of the document through the MFC. This is the second most popular registration authority among the population.

replacing snils when changing surnames where and how to change

Where do I change the SNILS when changing the name? You can ask for the service in the MFC. It is advisable to contact the organization for registration, otherwise the waiting time for the readiness of the paper may be delayed for several months.

The procedure in this case will be as follows:

  1. Prepare a package of documents for the exchange of SNILS.
  2. Take a queue at the MFC at the place of registration of a citizen. To facilitate the task, you can enroll in a multifunctional center via the Internet.
  3. Apply for the issuance of SNILS. Together with him it is necessary to give all the documents prepared in advance.
  4. Take a receipt for filing a request for an exchange of SNILS.
  5. Wait until the paper is ready. Take the insurance certificate directly to the MFC.

Fast, easy, convenient. Many people prefer to replace documents and order them primarily in the MFC. So you can get public services without much difficulty and with comfort.

"State services" to help

How to replace the SNILS when changing the name?A citizen can order a document through the portal "Gosuslugi". But for this a person must have an active profile on the service. Registration takes only a few minutes, but it takes up to 15 days to verify citizen data. Therefore, the proposed method is not suitable for those who do not have a questionnaire on "Gosluglug".

How to change the certificate was removed when changing the name

How to change the insurance certificate of a citizen? This will require:

  1. Log in to gosuslugi.ru under your profile.
  2. Go to the section "Public Services" - "FIU".
  3. Select "Replacement SNILS".
  4. Click on the "Get the service" button.
  5. Fill in the form.
  6. Specify the organization in which you want to pick up the document - the MFC for registration or the FIU.
  7. Submit a request. Wait for his approval.
  8. At the appointed time, come to the specified service with a certain list of documents and pick up the insurance certificate.

To facilitate the task, a citizenafter authorization on the portal, in the search box, type "Replacement SNILS" and select the corresponding service in the results. So far, this technique does not enjoy special demand among the population.

Documents for SNILS for adults

It is important to understand what is needed for SNILS when changing surnames. Adults and children need a different list of documents. This fact will have to be taken into account.

When they change their last names, adults bring with them:

  • old SNILS;
  • application (to be completed on-site);
  • passport;
  • The basis document for changing the name (copy + original).

Most often the last paper is a marriage or divorce certificate. But other documents (birth certificate with the correct name, extract from the registry office) are also accepted.

how to change snils when changing surname

Minor children

Where do I change the SNILS when changing the name?A full list of service organizations was presented earlier. Now you can figure out what papers are needed to accomplish the task, when it comes to children.

Minors can change the insurance certificate by presenting the following papers:

  • passport of legal representative;
  • statement;
  • certificate of registration;
  • birth certificate;
  • old SNILS;
  • the basis for making changes (for example, a court decision or a certificate from the registry office);
  • child's passport (for persons over 14 years old).

It should be noted that from the age of 14the child can change his own SNILS. But before receiving a passport with a minor, his legal representative must submit an application and take the document.


What features await a citizen who has decided to change SNILS? Replacing the TIN and SNILS when changing the name - these are two fairly simple operations. But they have a number of features.

For example, in the implementation of the tasks you do not need to pay a state fee. Exchange TIN and SNILS - these are two free procedures.

Also remember that the numbertaxpayer and insurance number do not change. They remain the same even after a person is given a new TIN / SNILS. Only the personal data of the applicant is subject to adjustment.

Replacing Inn and Snils when changing the last name


Now it is clear where to change the SNILS when changinglast names. This operation is not considered difficult. Get a new insurance certificate, if necessary, in various ways. How to act in this or that case has already been said.

The exchange of SNILS can be made in severalorgans. Where to go? Everyone solves this question independently. It is more convenient for some to use the services of the PRF, some prefer the multifunctional center, and some citizens are actively exploring the possibilities of the state services portal. The main nuance is the preparation and collection of papers necessary for the realization of the idea.

Refusing to issue a SNILS when personal data is changed can only be done in one case - when a citizen has brought an incomplete list of documents. There is no need to worry about the rest.