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Change of the pension certificate at change of a surname. All rules and nuances

Change of pension certificate when changing the name- The process is mandatory. He scares many citizens. Indeed, by itself, the replacement of documents for one reason or another implies paperwork. Do not be afraid of the process. If you prepare correctly, then you can bring the idea to life without any problems. What features of the procedure should be considered? What awaits a citizen who decided to change his name?

What is SNILS

Pension certificate is the so-calledSNILS. This document is a small laminated green card. It contains information about the owner, as well as the individual number of the citizen. It is unique, each person has his own combination.

change of pension certificate when changing the name

SNILS - document identification of the population ininsurance system. Every citizen should receive it, even a minor. Presented a pension certificate mainly in the provision of medical care. Now without this card you can not get a medical policy.

Is it necessary to change

Is it necessary to replace the pension certificate when changing the name? This question is mainly women. They change their surname when they marry. So, it is necessary to exchange documents.

SNILS without fail requires carrying outthis process. From the moment the personal data is changed, the certificate is considered invalid. The card will contain false information. It is unacceptable.

Another reason why replacing insurancepension certificate when changing the name is obligatory, - registration of citizens in the pension system. Thanks to SNILS, the population will be charged a pension when they reach the appropriate age. It will not be possible to get these payments on an invalid certificate. In addition, contributions to the Pension Fund from a citizen who did not replace the documents will not be able to be credited to the account indicated on the laminated card.

Information in the document

The next important point is the information thatindicated in the pension certificate. Briefly about this has already been said. But now you should find out the full information about the contents of the SNILS. The following data is printed on the laminated card:

  • FULL NAME. owner;
  • the insured person’s gender;
  • place of birth, as well as the date of birth of the registered citizen;
  • the number of the personal account assigned to the owner in the pension insurance system;
  • date of registration in the insurance system.

What will change

Обмен пенсионного страхового свидетельства при a surname raises a lot of questions among the population. The fact is that information about a citizen that was previously listed will still be printed on the new card. What will change?

replacement of the pension certificate when changing the name

As you might guess, last name.Many are concerned that when replacing the SNILS, a personal account will be replaced. Afraid of this is not worth it. After all, a personal account is assigned to each citizen only once. What does it mean? For any changes and replacements of SNILS, the personal account remains the same. About this feature is important to know. On the new card, the citizen will see new personal information with the same account. You can not worry that pension contributions will be lost or burned. They will remain intact.

Where to go for help

Change of pension certificate when changing the name- The process is not as difficult as it seems. But where to go for this procedure? Modern citizens are offered several scenarios. Documents for the exchange of SNILS when changing personal data for any reason accept:

  • on the website "State Services";
  • in the Pension Fund of Russia;
  • in the MFC.

Accordingly, if you are interested in howto change the pension certificate when changing the name, you must contact the above authorities. A package of documents is presented there, then you can wait for the production of the card. Now it is clear where to change the pension certificate when changing the name. But this is only the beginning!

how to change the pension certificate when changing the name


What papers will be useful to a citizen who decidedto exchange SNILS? Immediately when changing personal data, contact the previously listed authorities for help will not work. All this is because citizens are asked to:

  • New passport with a changed name;
  • application form;
  • document-basis for the change of personal information (marriage / divorce certificate, the conclusion of the registry office);
  • old SNILS.

Therefore, especially in a hurry with the implementation of the taskworth it. The first step is to replace the ID. And only then take up the pension insurance certificate. When changing the name or other personal information, this procedure proceeds without any problems. There is no exact time limit for such a process. You can at least a month to issue a new SNILS, at least in a year. But in order to avoid negative consequences in the form of “lagging” of pension deductions due to incorrect information about the account holder, it is recommended to replace the document as soon as possible.

pension insurance certificate when changing the name


Special attention should be paid to the statementwhich is served by a citizen along with a package of documents. It has some special features. How to replace the pension certificate when changing the name? To do this, it is taken in the Pension Fund or downloaded in electronic format and a form of the established sample is printed. Next, fill out the application. It will require to write:

  • passport data;
  • the reason for the exchange of SNILS;
  • place of registration of the applicant;
  • contact information.

Как быть, если речь идет о замене пенсионного testimony owned by a child? In this case, one of the legal representatives of the minor acts as the applicant. He fills out a statement on his behalf. But it indicates the data of the child. Accordingly, the child’s birth certificate must be attached to the previously listed documents.

Change of pension certificate when changing the namea minor can be made without legal representatives. To do this, the child must be 14 years old. Under such circumstances, parental participation is not required. The child writes a statement on his own behalf, attaches an identity card (civil passport), as well as other documents that are necessary to translate the idea into reality.

where to change the pension certificate when changing the name

Waiting time

Now I understand where to change the pensioncertificate when changing the name. But how long to wait for a new document? After applying to the Pension Fund of Russia, citizens can get a new laminated card with an individual insurance retirement account after 14 days. As soon as the document is ready, the applicant will be contacted using the contacts indicated in the application for exchange.

But if it was decided to visit the MFCor an application for the exchange of SNILS sent through the portal "Gosuslugi", the waiting time increases to 30 days. Sometimes the term varies slightly in one direction or another.

Document receipt

Change of pension certificate when changing the namealmost complete. There remains the last step that will help get a new SNILS. The point is that the citizen must pick up the finished document where he ordered it. The most common place of receipt is the Pension Fund. On the appointed date, it is necessary to go to the appropriate authority together with the identity card and receive the document. It will already have new data and the previous account number.

Исключение составляют случаи заказа СНИЛС через portal "state services". Then you need to specify exactly where the document will be received. You can order the SNILS in the MFC, you can contact the FIU. In electronic format or home delivery, no pension certificate is offered. The rest of the procedure for obtaining the document remains unchanged. Visit - presenting a passport - getting. It is exactly this algorithm that is saved.

No statement

How to change the pension certificate when changing the name? The answer to this question is already known. But you should learn about some of the features and nuances of the process.

where to change the pension certificate when changing the name

The fact is that it is not always necessary to bringwith a completed form for the exchange of pension certificate. Often enough to just come to the Pension Fund with all the necessary documents. The application will be compiled, completed and printed by employees of the organization. A citizen will only have to check the correctness of the entered data, as well as sign the form. Replacing the pension certificate when changing your last name is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to take into account some features of the process.

Some advise not to print the statement.houses. This step does not speed up the process too much. Indeed, in such circumstances, it is not the applicant, but the employee of the Pension Fund who will begin to verify the compliance of the data entered in the application with what the citizen provided in the form of documents.

Pay or not?

How much does a SNILS replacement cost?This question is of concern to many. Most of the operations for changing documents require a certain amount of money. More precisely, the payment of state duty. Is it when applying for a replacement pension certificate due to the change of name?

No, this procedure is completely free.From the population no one has the right to charge a fee for the exchange of SNILS. It's illegal. It doesn’t matter where the citizen went to - to the FIU, the MFC, or filled out an electronic application on the Gosuslugi portal. Entering data into the pension insurance system, as well as changing information about a citizen here, is an absolutely free process, unlike the exchange of a passport, for example.

For employees

Another feature - SNILS can be changed withoutpersonal visit to the MFC or Pension Fund. Even a single portal called "Gosuslugi" is not needed. If the citizen is officially employed, then changes to the insurance certificate can be made directly through the employer.

exchange of pension insurance certificate when changing the name

To do this, you should prepare earlierlisted documents, then refer them to the authorities. The management of the enterprise will independently send a request to the Pension Fund to change the personal data of the subordinate. And after a while (tentatively after a 3-week wait), the new SNILS will be issued to the employee. This is not the most popular phenomenon. It is much easier to independently go to the FIU to exchange evidence.

If a citizen has replaced SNILS, after receiving it, you must notify the employer of the changes. This is required as soon as possible so that deductions do not “freeze”.

Changing your retirement certificate is simple.a procedure that does not require any substantial preparation. Even making copies of the required documents is optional. If necessary, the staff of an organization will independently make duplicates. In practice, such cases are extremely rare.

This is all that should be known about the exchange of SNILS when changing the name.