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Manicure with stripes - stylish and beautiful

Fashionable and stylish image of any modern girlwill not be completed without neat and well-groomed hands. They give confidence and allow you to feel attractive and luxurious. Modern trends and trends in this work are changing day by day.

Stylish manicure for fashionistas

In connection with the popularization and dissemination ofmanicure services on nails can be found various decorative patterns. There are modern, classical, but there are also stylish drawings. The latter category includes a manicure with strips. It fits various styles and images, adjusting to them due to a change in color, shape or texture.

manicure with stripes

Council for the fair sex

Choosing a nail design stripes,it is necessary to know one subtlety: horizontally placed strips give the impression of an extended and shortened nail, and vertical ones, on the contrary, are elongated and narrowed. Therefore, when choosing a pattern, you need to pay attention to the shape of the nail, so that the picture looks fashionable and expressive.

Nail design options

There are various options for how to do thismanicure with stripes. The very first and the most classic is French. The essence of this manicure is to create an accent on the tip of the nail. As a base color, use solid or beige. Also popular was to apply not only natural shades, but also bright and rich colors. French manicure can be created in two ways. The first - with the help of a white pencil for nails, and the second - using a template. Most often as a stencil are strips for the French manicure. To create a classic nail design, you need to perform a number of operations.

Action plan:

1. First you need to give the nails the right shape. Next, you should make a bath with useful and firming additives. Then you need to clean your hands of the coarsened skin and cuticle.
2. Next, you need to apply a base and dry it.
3. Then it is worth putting the pattern, leaving the edge of the nail loose.
4. The free end should be painted white and allowed to dry.
5. Then, remove the template.
6. After applying a pink or beige color. Then - to dry.
7. The last stage - it is necessary to cover with a fixing layer.

Standard French manicure can be supplemented with rhinestones, painting or mother-of-pearl. Such elements will give the boring classics exquisite luxury.

Another option for nail design

Today, a renewed version of the French manicure has gained special popularity. The white color is covered not only by the tip of the nail, but also by the half moon at the base, which must be even and neat.

strips for the French manicure

Let's consider now a similar manicure.Strips on the nails in this case should be placed in a horizontal or vertical direction. Manicure can be done at home. The main task is only the choice of harmonious colors. Strips can be applied in any order and direction, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of nail decoration.

There are many activities where you cango, adding to your image a manicure with stripes. Depending on the theme of the party, the nails can be decorated with sequins, a bright color of the varnish or create a matte-glossy contrast.

Original manicure

how to make a manicure with stripes

Another interesting and unusual, even a little bitAn industrial option is a manicure using foil strips. Initially, it may appear that this is a very long and complex process. However, in practice everything is simplified enough. It is necessary to purchase a manicure colored foil, carefully cut out the necessary strips and stick them on the nail surface. A colorless fixing layer should be applied from above.

Monochrome version

Creating a manicure with strips, it is necessary to drawattention to a monochrome combination. It looks very impressive and original. The stages of this design are standard. Apply a basic protective layer and dry. Then - a white varnish. At the third stage, a thin manicure brush is applied with black stripes and patterns: rhombuses, horizontal lines, zigzags and ethnic patterns. And at the final stage, cover the fixing layer.

Manicure with strips is perfect for both everyday and office style. In these cases, it is enough just to use soft colors.

Manicure with strips of scotch tape

manicure strips on nails

Armed with tape, you can make your nails suchin a way that they will delight and surprise others. It is enough to put on the varnish, allow it to dry, cut and paste the strips of scotch in the right order, and then apply a contrasting color and dry it. In the end, you just need to remove the scotch, and the unique manicure is ready.

An interesting way to decorate your nails

There is another quite curious wayapplication of strips. Apply a strengthening nail polish, then - the base color. Simultaneously, a lacquer drips onto a flat surface. You can use different colors, and this will give a manicure effect. Take a fan brush, gently dunk in drops and spend it on the nail. After the pattern dries, it is necessary to apply a fixing layer.

how to do a manicure with stripes

A small conclusion

There is an incredible number of ideasdecoration of nails. They differ in color, pattern, texture and even the shape of the nail. Having considered the above methods of decor, the reader will be able to find the answer to an exciting question, how to do a manicure with strips.