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How to get a job in the Emergencies Ministry at the place of residence

In order to find out how get a job in Ministry of Emergency Situations, it is enough to go to the website of the ministry itselfand get acquainted with its extensive structure. In addition to the office of the minister and the higher institutions of this department, there are many organizations in which specialists can be employed in various fields. For example, dozens of vacancies connected with engineering work, scientific research (radiation and chemical protection, dosimetry, etc.), planning, design operations have been opened in the Research Institute for Civil Defense Problems of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

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The department includes dozens of educationalinstitutions, related to the fire service, as well as several universities, including the Academy of Civil Protection, academies and universities of the fire service, etc. On their websites you can find vacancies for librarians, doctors (for the relevant medical departments), workers for repairing buildings, drivers. There you can ask how to get a job in the Ministry of Emergency Measures without a special education, tk. in almost every structure we need cleaners, laborers and other specialties. Most likely, the applicant for an ordinary position will need a proper work book, the TIN and numbers in the pension insurance system. Men will have to provide a military ticket.

Work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia as a stateemployee of the Central Office has slightly different requirements. They can be found in the section "Individuals" - "Civil Service". The information is offered in the form of a file in which information can be found, for example, for the position of the referent, such requirements: higher education in economics or management, 4-5 years of experience, readiness for business trips and compliance with the data specified by the Ministry order.

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How to get a job in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in this case?If the candidate meets the requirements of the Ministry, then he submits documents, including: an application, a questionnaire, a copy of the passport and documents confirming the education and length of service, photographs, the opinion of the medical service on the validity, the TIN data, information on incomes and property, insurance, copies of documents on military registration, marriage certificates (change of surname), documents for admission to state secrets, if any. The data is checked, after which the applicant is invited to participate in the competition for the selected vacancy. The decision is made by the competitive commission, which reads out the results the day after the competition. For some posts this event is held in several stages.

In order to learn how to get a job inMES at your place of residence, you need to select your federal district in the same structure on the ministry's website. For example, in the Central District there are rescue and search and rescue units, logistics bases, military civil defense units, information, editorial and recreation centers, where there may be a place for many who wish.

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In society there are always people who wantto help others. Therefore, if your child says: "I want to work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations," maybe you should not dissuade him. The structure of the Ministry assumes not only work directly in the disaster zones, but also quite "peaceful" and no less important activity. It is worth noting that the state service provides a number of benefits, including medical care, special pensions and other preferences in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.