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How to get a job at Meincraft and what will it give you?

In "Maynkraft", as everyone knows, there is nono specific goal, no quests, tasks or missions, so you can do what you just want. Such freedom intoxicates and gives a feeling of omnipotence, and for a long time this feeling will remain. You will build, mine, craft, hunt and do a huge number of other interesting things. However, in time this may well be annoying, you will want variety, and then various modifications will come to the rescue, which will add a lot of new and interesting to the game. For example, you can add work to "Minecraft", for which you can receive in-game money. This is a very popular mod for servers, on which many people play. But not everyone knows how to get a job at Meincraft. This is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

Job search

how to get a job in maynkraft

If you can work on the server, it will beyou will have a chance to figure out how to get a job at Meincraft, how to make money and move up the career ladder. But first, you just need to get comfortable with the basic commands, which will give the basic information on this function. First of all, you need to overpower the job browse command, which will allow you to see the full list of works available on the server. They can vary, so first of all you need to check what opportunities await you and whether there is in the list what you would most like to have. If you do not know what work you need to do, then the job info command will come in handy, after which you will need to enter the name of the work you selected to find out all the details about it - what you will need to do and how much they will pay for it. Having decided on the type of activity, you need to understand how to get a job at Meincraft.

How to do it

how to get a job

If you want to make money, thenspend them on the development of your project in this game, then you need to learn how to get a job in Meincraft. To do this, you will need to master the most important command - jobs join. It will allow you to choose a specific job and get a job on it to start earning money there. Naturally, you can easily live without earnings, but it is worth noting that extra money will not exactly put pressure on your pocket, besides, the work will not interfere with your development in other areas - in some ways it will even help. You will be able to combine a lot in the game "Meincraft". How to get a job, you now know, but what are these works? What will be required of you?

Work in "Meincraft"

what kind of work is in mayncecraft

You may wonder if you are interested in what kind ofwork is in "Maynkraft", because there are quite a few options. You can become a forester, miner, builder and so on. Each kind of work requires you to make specific efforts - the woodcutter needs to cut down trees and process them, turning them into boards, miners - to extract stones, coal and other minerals available in the game, the builder needs just to design different buildings. As you can see, you will not need to perform any additional work - you will need the boards in any case, as well as minerals, you can not do without the construction of houses and other buildings, so that you will simply do what you like, and you for it will pay money. If you want to know your statistics for a particular job that you are performing to determine your effectiveness, you will need to use the jobs stats command - you will be provided with a full report.

How to leave work?

Naturally, no one binds you to onea workplace, so that you can leave the job at any time and find another. To do this, you need to use the jobs leave command, and then start searching for a new workplace.