/ How to get a job in the police, if there is a vocation?

How to get a job in the police, if there is a vocation?

There are many people who really want to work in theThe Ministry of Internal Affairs is the calling of their soul, so the question of how to get into the police service is very urgent for them? Of course, there is no doubt that the applicant must be healthy physically, psychologically and morally, and therefore not have any debts before the law, and also to be well educated. It is for such people that the police service is suitable.

Graduates of secondary schools often writein the questionnaires: "I want to work in the police." Such a desire is not only commendable, but also feasible, because the internal affairs agencies need good rank-and-file employees. When they are selected, they do not impose such harsh demands as on employees of the middle, and even more senior, police, where the level of education should be appropriate.

how to get a job in the police
There is a misconception in society that, if notthe army service has been passed, then there is no sense to hope for work in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Many young people who did not serve in the army are concerned about how to get into the police because they do not know that the service in the ranks of the armed forces gives the applicant a certain advantage, but is not a necessary condition.

I want to work in the police
Of course, the position of investigator orThe commissioner is received by people who have already graduated or are studying at the University, at the Faculty of Law. Teachers and economists are in demand among policemen. Teachers receive posts in departments working with youth, and economists deal with violations in economic activity. Therefore, many young people, considering how to get a job in the police, choose the appropriate specialty in advance when entering the university.

The police are good drivers, athletes,engineers, so you need to start the service by contacting a human resources specialist about available vacancies. Each applicant for the position passes a special medical commission, including the examination of a psychiatrist. At an interview with a psychiatrist, the applicant is asked test questions, logical problems and draw conclusions about the adequacy of the person based on the responses received.

Only when the required level is confirmedyou can hope for a job. But what if the physical condition pumped up and the medical board did not issue a permit? Do not despair. Because health can be corrected, even if serious chronic diseases are found. And then you can again go through a professional medical commission. In addition, medical contraindications for police service will not be an obstacle to finding other work in this field, where the requirements for health are not so tough.

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While an applicant for a position in the police passesmedical examination, special employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigate his biography, study personal data. Moreover, this type of inspection is mandatory for every employee of any rank and rank and captures not only the applicant himself, but also his close associates. You can not accept in the ranks of policemen those people who have a connection with the underworld, or who are themselves not in tune with the law.

That is why before you get into the police, you need to prepare in advance physically, psychologically, morally and boldly to act.