/ Dreamed of a child - it means there will be fun in the house

Dreamed a child - it means there will be fun in the house

What else should this dream be associated with?The child and children in general are a symbol of joy and happiness. Of course, we, traditionally, for a more detailed examination, take a few dream books. For example, in Sonnik Shereminskaya it is written that the child dreams of joy, if it is beautiful. It seems to me that all the children are beautiful. But you do understand that dreams are different. Here the dead child, according to the author of this dream book, symbolizes some disappointment, anxiety about the near future.

If the child had a small dream, then soon youwill be very surprised, and if it is dirty and naked, then this is a warning that you suddenly fall into worry. If you are a mother, and you dream that the child is unwell, then it is possible that he may have minor problems. But, if a child who is very ill or even dead is dreamed, and this child is yours, then there is reason for concern.

A new family dream book simply pleases dreamershis interpretation of this dream. The child is beautiful and cheerful, it means, to be in the house of joy, love and friendship. Unfortunately, if in a dream he cries, then you should take care of your health, take care. Do not be ruled out and disappointed in life.

If a child has a dream that walks withoutsupervision is a symbol of independence. Remember what feelings accompanied your awakening. Perhaps you should get out of someone else's influence. Or maybe, on the contrary, there is more freedom to give to their children? And if you dreamed of a child you are nursing, the New Family Dream Book warns that a person you trust can be a liar.

Sonny Gipsy assures that the person whoa child has a dream, perhaps experiencing some difficulties in their business. An infant who sleeps in your dream testifies to your excessive shyness and trustfulness in real life. Maybe it's time to grow up, stop trusting everyone without exception?

An infant who is given a dream by a dreamersleep, also warns that you can not trust strangers. Including, to be afraid to trust unfamiliar people follows, if you see in a dream, how the baby is fed by someone else. The child who is crying has dreamed - it is necessary to be engaged in the decision though and small, but many problems.

An ancient English dream book warns,that if you dreamed of a child you are babysitting, be disappointed. In particular, if it's a baby. Under disillusionment is meant the affairs of the heart. A sick child dreams, according to the authors of the same dream book, clearly not good. If the dreamer is a girl, and she dreamed of a child who was born by her, then this is also a bad dream. She can be seduced and abandoned in real life. In general, nothing positive Ancient English dream book does not herald.

But the Chinese dream book shows that ifa child-a newborn of any gender-dreamed of, it clearly promises you happiness, joy and well-being. If you see in the dream how the son dies, there will be a quarrel. The misfortune in the opinion of the Chinese dream book will happen only if you see in a dream how children worship their parents.

Let's see now the Eastern Women's Dream Book.Also, as in the previous ones, it is said here that beautiful, strong kids symbolize great love, strong friendship. If the child who makes the first steps himself dreams, then it's time for you to get rid of guardians and advisers and rely more on your opinion.

Aesop's dream interpretation is not as categorical as some of thealready considered earlier. In particular, if a child who is crying has a dream - you just will not achieve any goals, you will not be able to get what you want. The fact that such a dream promises unhappiness is not written here, Thank God! In general, this dream book offers mainly positive implications of this dream. So I wish you all the best!