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Why did the little child dream? Dream Interpreter knows

When a little vision bursts into the night visiona child, a dream book is necessary to open. This is an iconic image, as interpreters consider. The kid can tell you about new projects, wonders and other pleasant things. And sometimes it will tell you that you are in danger. Be sure to ask what you wanted to tell you

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What a small child portends to a woman in a dream

Sonnik Miller claims that the baby is a womanreports a possible pregnancy if he is healthy, happy and cheerful. Also the image speaks of mutual love and the impending happiness. Play with the baby - to receive the coveted news. If he laughs, it means that you will be surprised by the act of a loved one. Be sure, the emotions are very pleasant for you!

But here's how the vision treats an esoteric dream book:had a little baby, so you should do self-development. Your soul, as a born infant, seeks to recognize this world. Do not create obstacles for her! Start work on learning the knowledge that you are interested in at the moment. This Higher Self tries to push consciousness to master new information, which will soon become extremely important and necessary for you. Sometimes it's worth getting ready for trouble if you see a story in which a small child appears. A dream interpreter explains that a dirty kid is unwell, crying, to sad news. And if in a dream a lot of hungry children, then expect a decline in society. It is said that such an image appeared in the night

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nightmares of many financiers before the economic crisis.

What is it worth to think about a man, if a little child entered his night vision

A dream interpreter advises the stronger sexpay more attention to his wife (beloved). The image of the baby can be "direct". That is, you can prepare to replenish the family. If the child cries, do not weaken attention at work, you are waiting for intrigues of ill-wishers. Most often, their insidious plans do not threaten a great disaster, but they will have to be nervous. Even worse, if a sick man dreamed of a child. The dream book in this case strongly advises to run to the doctor. The image of the child reminds that this world for us is just a temporary refuge. If you still have important things to do, take care of your health until a terrible disaster has struck! And in the case when the baby is playing fun, you will be a miracle! Do not ask, what! This is a pleasant surprise. Be sure, you yourself will rejoice, like a little child!

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Dream interpretation: the interpretation of strange visions of children

If babies appear in perfectunnatural scenes, it is worth a special thought! In most cases, such a dream predicts a surprise of not the best quality. You may come across a misunderstanding where contact seemed established. Sometimes sleep announces that an important treaty will fail. If the image is not only strange, but also gloomy, then one should expect health problems. Parents, he no longer only hints, but literally screams: take care of your children! They are in danger! At the same time, note that the "thunder will burst" from a completely unexpected cloud! No straws to pile, or prevent an event you already have no opportunity.