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Secrets of dreams: what does a guy who likes

Some dreams are difficult to explain, but still, if you carefully think about everything that happened in your subconscious, you can "catch" some of the prerequisites for real life.

what does a guy like

The time of constant love was experienced by everyone.And therefore, the question of what the guy who likes is dreamed about, almost all girls, girls and women were asked. Unequivocally answer this question will be rather problematic, since many factors can influence this. One of the versions explaining what the guy who likes is dreaming about: the girl herself very often thinks about him, and real thoughts and experiences are carried to sleep. It's in a dream that we see what we want, is not it? There, in this second reality, you embrace it, kiss it, hold your hand ... In dreams your most secret desires are embodied. And, waking up, you begin to ponder this dream, devoting your free time to reflecting on what he could have dreamed of. These reflections further strengthen in you the image of the person you liked, after which he begins to dream you with increasing frequency.

had a sweetheart

There is one more explanation for what one dreams aboutthe guy who likes. Some believe that such dreams can be caused by the fact that you do not think about the person you liked, but he's talking about you. It is possible to find out whether this is true or not, only by asking the guy himself, and for many it is problematic to do. To stop these dreams, you just need to spend some time with the object of your adoration. To get acquainted with it (if it is not already done), and then it is likely that it will stop you from dreaming. And why these dreams, if your communication becomes real - it's much better, is not it?

In some cases, the explanation of whatthe guy who likes is not so radiant as the previous ones. These can be so-called "prophetic dreams", which can warn you about an event, and perhaps, the danger that lies in wait for your loved one. So in some cases, you need to listen to dreams. It is better to hedge, as they say.

the guy who likes the dream
Есть и отдельные толкования, а точнее, их a kind of "schedule". The reasons for which a favorite guy has a dream are explained depending on when he came to your dream (but the veracity of this "timetable" is still a big question). So, if it happened on the night from Monday to Tuesday, then it shows that the dreamer feels to you a feeling of the deepest respect. If the guy who likes, dreamed on a night from Tuesday to Wednesday, it means that he thinks about you, if from Wednesday to Thursday, then you also came to his dream. If a guy dreams to you from Thursday to Friday, then you can be congratulated - you won his heart, and if from Friday to Saturday - then you also made him feel an unpleasant feeling of jealousy. A dream involving a loved one from Saturday to Sunday says that this person is offended because of something, and from Sunday to Monday - that the object of your dreams dreams of meeting you.

Dreams - mysterious and still unsolvedthe area of ​​our consciousness that can show the future, remind the past, or direct you along the right path in the present, and the main thing here is to learn to understand them.