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I know the dream: what does a hedgehog dream about?

These cute little but prickly animals are one of thethe most amusing characters of our childhood. Who does not understand, I'm talking about hedgehogs! Of course, for each of us they are associated with something good. But this is reality, but what do you think, what does the hedgehog dream about? The answer to this question we will find in the article. Forward, friends, for interpretations!

Meet - hedgehog!

In general, the hedgehog is a symbol of tranquility,independence and diligence. After all, this insectivorous mammal lives in dense deciduous and coniferous forests, does not depend on anyone, lives in its own burrow. Male hedgehog - an exemplary family man, hardworking and constantly makes food supplies for the winter. It is protected from enemies or uninvited guests by curling into a spiny ball. To the captivity of hedgehog adapts very poorly.

what the hedgehog dreams about
What does the hedgehog dream about in the interpretation of Evgeny Tsvetkov

  1. Girls see such dreams for serious acquaintances withyoung people. Usually their chosen ones are similar to these animals: low, dense physique. The offer to marry will follow immediately! The marriage will be calm and measured, like a hedgehog in the forest. My husband will have a modest, but his own housing, as well as a stable income, but what else is needed for happiness?
  2. What do you think the hedgehog dreams about men?To a beautiful bride with a rich dowry? Not guessed right! Men like these dreams warn. You need to be more careful with your boss (boss). And yet somewhere near to you the envious person (your acquaintance) who starts a game against you dangles.
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What does the hedgehog dream about in the dream book of Gustav Hindman Miller

  1. If you dreamed of a hedgehog, then your life will be very successful! You will always be accompanied by success and mistress luck.
  2. If you suddenly dreamed of a hedgehog, which you picked up, get ready for a serious and unpleasant conversation both at work and in your family. Family dramas are possible.
  3. Hold a hedgehog in your hands, but do not feel the needles? This is just a wonderful sign! If the hedgehog begins to prick, then think about it! Someone from your environment wants to harm you.
  4. Видеть во сне ежика, свернувшегося в колючий tangle, to the fact that you run away from yourself. You are trying to get away from the problems. You should know that in order to achieve this or that result in life, you should always bring things you started to a logical conclusion!
    dreamed a hedgehog

Dreamed of a hedgehog? What does this dream mean, interpret Sigmund Freud!

  1. Hedgehog - this isolation and stiffness in sex.If the animal is defending, you do not trust people, you are very timid, you always suspect everyone. The manifestation of any initiative in the intimate sense of this word is the strictest taboo for you! Thus, you deprive yourself and your partner of certain delights of sex!
  2. The dreamed mating of two hedgehogs suggests that the dreamer will soon be "fed" from someone with his hand. Be careful, do not let your enemies turn your head.
  3. If you found a hedgehog in the woods, or he ran over to youway, new sexual relationships will appear in your life. Sleep does not give a definite answer, whether these connections are good or bad. Perhaps you will meet your patron, and perhaps you will be treated for a venereal disease.