/ / The deceased had a dream - to be raining! only if?

The deceased had a dream - to be raining! only if?

The deceased had a dream - therefore, we should expect a change in the weather.So the grandmother used to say. And it is true, often this is not a very pleasant vision before the rain. Probably, there is something in the unexplored depths of the human brain that can act as a weatherman. And the logic is this: the dead man - the tears - the rain. And what do the interpreters say about this?

if the deceased relative

The dream of Chou-gong

The deceased had a dream in the coffin - to profit.In general, all the situations associated with ordinary funerals, according to this source, speak alive about the receipt of material values. But if the deceased cries, then you will be a participant, and maybe the organizer of a huge scandal. And what does it mean if a deceased person, who got up from the coffin, dreamed? This nightmare portends terrible troubles in real life. On the contrary, the living dead man predicts very pleasant news. Perhaps what seemed an unbelievable unpleasantness would in fact be a game of imagination. If you have died in a dream, you will be happy and healthy for many years. If a friend - such an enviable fate is waiting for him. To see an unimaginable dream in which the deceased tastes food, to illness.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

The deceased had a dream - to change the weather, to rain.If you get up and walk around - wait for the guests. If the deceased is talking to you, then the soul of the deceased person has come to give you wise advice. When you do not quite understand what his speech is about, ask for clarification. They will come to you in the next dream or in the form of an event in real life.

what does it mean if the deceased dreamed

Sonnik Miller

Just to see is a warning.You can commit an unseemly act. Have a good time analyzing the motivation of your daily behavior. If your father has died, follow the business. They are in danger. Perhaps an attack from the enemies. Mother of the deceased had a dream - a disease. Perhaps you are overly impressionable, which will serve as a reason for gossip behind your back. In general, you need to be more careful about your health if the deceased dreamed. A relative in the coffin will need to fly to the aid of a loved one. If the deceased person is quite alive and looks great, it means that you are influenced by a bad person. You need to analyze your priorities in communication, because a negative influence will push you to poverty. If you are talking to a deceased person, this means that there is a black bar ahead. Most likely, your health will suffer. However, things will fall into decay due to the fact that you will have to leave them unattended. The dead girl dreams about losing honor. Her behavior will be condemned and mocked.

the deceased had a dream

Russian dream book

The deceased had a dream - to precipitation.Talk with him - to an important change in life. You may have to decide whether to leave your native place. If he gives you something, and you take it - to illness. If I called with me, and you agreed - to death. Also a sleep predicates a disaster in which the deceased person asks you for something. Better to avoid the misfortune to take this thing to the cemetery and leave it there. The dream says that you should remain with the person, now the deceased. Your conscience tells you that you need to remove this obligation in any way.