/ What is proctitis? Symptoms of the disease

What is proctitis? Symptoms of the disease

Proctitis is the disease of the rectal mucosa. It is divided into acute and chronic form.

Acute proctitis: symptoms

The acute form of the disease affects the mucous surface superficially for several hours or days. In turn, acute proctitis is divided into:

  • catarrhal-purulent, when the mucous membrane of the rectum becomes covered with a touch of pus;
  • catarrhal-hemorrhagic, when there is a hemorrhage in the mucosa;
  • erosive, when the mucosa develops sores;
  • polypous, when polyps are formed on it.

proctitis symptoms

The chronic proctitis symptoms are in the form of a deep lesion of the mucosa. Its development takes a long time, up to several months. In turn, the chronic form is divided into:

  • hypertrophic, when the folds on the mucosa are thickened and look too loose;
  • atrophic, when they, on the contrary, are smooth and the shell is very thin.

Causes of appearance

The main causes of the disease are:

  • Nutrition, which often includes spicy, canned, smoked food and alcohol.
  • Frequent constipation with venous stasis.
  • Diseases of internal organs, organs of the rectum, hypothermia.
  • Infection with parasites: dysentery amoeba, trichomonas, balantidia.

Proctitis symptoms

An important sign of the presence of the disease is pain inrectum. It can be accompanied by bloody or purulent discharge. During defecation, the pain intensifies. The rise in body temperature is accompanied by acute proctitis. Accompany the progress of the disease chills, false urge to the toilet, heaviness and burning in the rectum. Proctitis symptoms of an additional nature has such as diarrhea or, conversely, constipation, pain in the perineum, giving back to the lower back or to the genitals. The acute form of the disease is more severe than other species, but is less common.

chronic proctitis symptoms

Ulcerative proctitis symptoms are slightly different.For example, blood in the feces is peculiar to this form of the disease. Blood can be in the form of clots or just a bright color. There are no disturbances in the work of the intestine. The radial form of ulcerative proctitis is characterized by secretions of blood from the rectum, there is a heaviness, a feeling of pressure in the bowel, urge to the toilet become frequent. Chronic proctitis symptoms are in the form of itching or burning in the anus, sensation of pain in the rectal area, characterized by the release of mucus during defecation, frequent constipation.

Proctitis: symptoms, treatment with folk remedies

proctitis symptoms treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies are good for removing inflammation,which develops in the rectum. Take a handful of calendula flowers and brew with boiling water. On a water bath, warm for 15 minutes, without stopping stirring. Cool and strain. Drink every day up to 4 times, diluted with water.

If you add (1 tablespoon) 3% boric acid (also 1 tablespoon) to this solution, then you can do the enema before going to bed every day.

Take half a spoon of oregano and minerals, pour a glass of boiling water and hold in the bath for half an hour. Then give 1.5 hours to stand and make retention enemas.

A sitting bath is used with a horsetail field. Half a glass of grass is taken per liter of water. The broth is infused for 10 minutes and filtered.