/ Thoracic osteochondrosis. Symptoms and treatment of the disease

Thoracic osteochondrosis. Symptoms and treatment of the disease

Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine isadverse processes in the body, resulting in changes in bone and cartilaginous tissues, destruction of intervertebral discs and joints. If to speak easier, the cartilaginous tissue gradually starts to harden and turn into bone.

chest osteochondrosis symptoms and treatment
Natural shock absorbers between cartilagesthey are erased, and they begin to press on the nerve endings, as a result of which painful sensations appear. However, at the initial stage of the disease, he is confused with other ailments. To reveal the same osteochondrosis is possible only after numerous examinations.

Causes of the disease

Why does breast osteochondrosis appear,symptoms and treatment of which the more difficult the later it is diagnosed. Scientists have not yet fully determined what causes the disease. But it is believed that the main causes are back injuries, physical overload and constant vibration. And if earlier the disease began to manifest itself somewhere in the years to 30, today it is significantly "younger". Increasingly, young people, who were not yet 18, complain about back pain. The reasons for this turn of events are many: incorrect posture, curvature of the spine, sedentary lifestyle and so on.

Thoracic osteochondrosis. Symptoms and Treatment

A person suffering from osteochondrosis can constantly complain of aching back pain, numbness of the limbs. And if proper treatment is not available, then atrophy of the extremities can occur.

chest osteochondrosis
There are several basic symptoms: constant aching pain in the back, which is aggravated by physical exertion, muscle spasms, severe headaches, pain in the chest and organs, and so on.

Diagnosis of the disease

What is chest osteochondrosis, symptoms andtreatment, in part we determined. And how to diagnose it correctly? Determine if there is a disease, can only a specialist-neurologist, who spends the examination of the spine in three positions of the body: standing, lying and sitting. How difficult it is is determined by means of a special table. A preliminary diagnosis is made after examining the correctness of the posture, the height of the shoulder blades and the relief of the muscles. And only then is the feeling of the spine itself, which allows to determine the presence or absence of deformation. The doctor can make the final diagnosis only after the results of radiography have been received. To date, this is the only way to determine all the pathologies of the spine. These data are necessary in order to select the most appropriate treatment.

How to treat chest osteochondrosis

Treatment of the disease is carried out mainly by conservative methods, which include physical therapy, physiotherapy, massage and medication.

how to treat chest osteochondrosis
Of course, if all this does not lead to the desired result, then surgical intervention is possible.
But this happens only in the case when all of the listed methods were powerless, which is extremely rare.


We have analyzed what is chest osteochondrosis,symptoms and treatment of it, and now let's talk about prevention. What can we do to avoid this disease? Well, to start playing sports and take care of the spine. And if you are already confronted with the disease, then do not neglect the advice of a doctor and try to load as little as possible the sore back. Take care of yourself!