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The mode of work and rest: what should it be?

The mode of work and rest is a concept, ruleswhich should be studied by every employer before hiring staff. The working time regime should be stipulated in the employment contract and maintained constantly.

The fact is that rest is a strict condition for preserving the health of every person, because at that time he can remove the tension that has accumulated during the working day.

The regime of work and leisure in the enterprise isa system that implies a rational distribution of periods of work and rest. This helps maintain high productivity of employees during the working day.

The fact is that this complex consists of manycomponents. First of all, it's hygienic procedures and personal needs (usually it takes 10-15 minutes), the time allotted for micro-pauses, as well as the time for fixed rest breaks.

Regarding regulated breaks, theirduration and time are completely dependent on the working conditions of employees, as well as on the degree of automation of labor. Very often they include short pauses during the whole working day. The regime of work and rest implies the introduction of this kind of short breaks in work, which are provided for people of certain professions. They are paid.

A break in work implies an active-passiveor entirely passive type of recreation. In general, these methods are chosen by employees, depending on the type of work they do during the day. It also depends on the position in which the person works, and on the intensity of labor, as well as on the working conditions.

Active rest implies fulfillmentgymnastic exercises. Passive its kind is that a person either sits or is semi-attached, which helps in this way to stimulate the normalization of blood circulation.

As for the work, which is related to the permanentvisually impaired, then the rational mode of work and rest should be structured so that the employee has enough time to perform a set of procedures for preventing visual impairment.

But in order to prevent the violations of the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary to perform physical exercises portionwise, so as not to tire even more.

The fact is that every person who works,needs a weekend. The mode of work and rest implies their presence, because the biorhythms of each of us are programmed for 5-6 days of productive work. On the sixth day the efficiency of labor falls, and on the seventh day in general is negligible. If the human body works without rest, it drains its forces and is subjected to heavy loads, which greatly affects the work of the nervous system.

Naturally, a very important type of recreation, whicheach person chooses himself. However, according to experts, in order for the body to gain strength and completely restored the expended energy and energy, the regime of work and rest should mean a regular alternation of active and passive species of the latter.

As studies show, people whomost of the day are engaged in manual work, should rest passively. If a person is constantly engaged in mental activity, his vital forces will be filled only by active species and energetic rest.

Note that the employer is responsiblefor the health of employees, because it is in their interest to correctly develop a system of work organization so that people can work with a high degree of efficiency without harming their own health.

As for homework, here people should already be able to monitor their own health and not over-exert themselves.