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Vinegar for weight loss should be natural and cooked at home

Table vinegar is called an aqueous solutionfood acetic acid. This is a synthetic product, which today has found wide application in the food industry as a constituent of marinades used in canning products.

Natural vinegar is different from the dining room,that it is obtained during fermentation of alcohol-containing liquids, it can be wine, beer must, various juices. Therefore, in its composition, except for vinegar, there are also apple, lactic, citric and other types of acids. In addition, it contains a small amount of various organic substances that give it a soft taste. This natural product is known from ancient times, at that time it was mainly used as an antiseptic, added to drinking water for thirst quenching.

There are many varieties of vinegar, thisbalsamic, wine, apple and others. They all refer to food vinegars and have similar properties, such as antimicrobial action, and they increase appetite and stimulate the digestive system.

In addition, natural vinegar is often usedfor weight loss. Japanese researchers have been shown that it interferes with the deposition of fats in the human body and affects the gene level for the burning of proteins and the breakdown of carbohydrates.

Apple vinegar for weight loss is very popular andhas long been used throughout the civilized world. It is a very effective tool in the fight against obesity, as it reduces appetite and stimulates metabolic processes in the body. In order to lose weight, it is better to use vinegar, cooked at home from whole apples. It is not difficult to prepare it, only a little patience is required. As in industrial production, double fermentation of the product is required. Namely, in the beginning, apples are filled with sugar and placed for two weeks in a warm, but not a sunny place. The proportions of the products are as follows: 50 grams of sugar per kilogram of sweet apples, or 100 sugar for the same amount of sour apples. To avoid crusting, it is necessary to mix apples with sugar at least three times. Then the fermented apple-sugar mixture is filtered through several layers of gauze in prepared glass jars and left for fermentation for another couple of weeks. Then the finished vinegar is bottled, sealed and stored in a cool place.

Take apple cider vinegar for weight losstwo teaspoons before each meal. According to reviews, in two weeks it is possible in this way to reduce the female waist by 3 centimeters. Do not expect a rapid rate of weight loss, as vinegar has a gentle effect on the processes of burning fat and carbohydrates and the process of weight normalization can last for years, especially for men with their beer tummies.

In general, recipes, where vinegar is used forweight loss, a lot. For example, a glass of warm water drunk with a spoon of vinegar dissolved in it in the morning on an empty stomach promotes weight loss. To improve the taste, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

Grape vinegar for weight loss is not less thanis popular. To do this, it is also better to cook at home. To do this, take a half kilo of sugar, five liters of water and ten kilos of grapes. All the ingredients should be densely packed in jars, covered with gauze and put in a warm, dark place for a couple of weeks. Next, you should only strain and pour the grape vinegar on the bottles. For weight loss, it should be taken once a day on a tablespoon, diluting it in a glass of water.

The product that is obtained during fermentationwine, called wine vinegar. For weight loss it is also included in various formulations. In addition, it has fortifying properties and positively affects the activity of the sexual glands.

Wine vinegar for weight loss, as well as othersits variety, should be taken with great care. And the first rule is - never to drink it undiluted, so as not to damage the gastric mucosa. Contraindications for its use are any diseases and disorders of the digestive system.