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How to win a man scorpion

The scorpion man is completely original anda multifaceted personality. At first glance, it seems secretive, cold and stale. And only after looking into his eyes and spending several hours in his company, you begin to understand that he is a real lump of flame, in which absolutely conflicting feelings are mixed. How to win a man a scorpion? How to like him? How to attract his attention? In fact, everything is not so difficult, because, like any other sign, it has its needs and weaknesses.

What is he, a scorpion man?Men born under this sign of the zodiac are not at all like everyone else. They are decent, honest and in most cases do not take into account the opinion of the crowd, because they already have their own view of the world.

Such men are always in a statewar. They are very secretive, suspicious and withdrawn. They all the time seem like someone can offend them. Yes, scorpions are very touchy, that's why they have a lot of enemies. Such a person does not forgive offenses and wounds inflicted on him. Every insult he perceives too close to the heart. His revenge is cold and calculating, he knows no mercy.

As for sexual relations, inscorpions are very hot and passionate lovers. Sex for them - this is not just a pleasant addition to the relationship, but their basis. And knowing about these qualities of men, you can easily figure out how to win a man a scorpion.

What kind of women like men scorpions?If at least once in your life you have wondered how to win a scorpion man, then it will be useful for you to find out which women attract representatives of this sign. First, they must be beautiful. Indeed, in most cases, appearance is very important for scorpions. In addition, they are attracted by mysterious, impregnable and cold women who, when they are close acquainted, completely throw back the mask and become ardent and passionate mistresses. The companion of the scorpion must be feminine and gentle, intelligent and at the same time stupid, she must be able to listen and maintain conversation.

How to win a man a scorpion?It is quite difficult to be interested in such a man. To begin with, remember that representatives of this sign of the zodiac want to control everything. Therefore, resign yourself to the fact that it is he who will lead in your relations.

Scorpions are very sensitive to falsehood, very quickly expose lies. Do not hide from them - if a man realizes that you are lying to him, his revenge will be cruel.

Nevertheless, do not blame everything in yoursatellite - it will quickly bother him, because he is by nature a conqueror. But in heated debates and skirmishes, you must feel the measure, know when to retreat. As a rule, the scandal ends with hot petting.

Remember also that sex for menscorpion - in the first place. This is an extravaganza of emotions, where tenderness is mixed with cruelty, and modesty with some kind of perversion. Love pleasures for such a man - this is the basis of relationships, so in bed you must be hot and generous.

Scorpions are very suspicious, and their jealousy sometimes grows into a pathological process. Therefore, do not hurt your loved one and make him jealous - it can push him to change.

How to keep a man scorpion?If your main goal is to build a long-term family relationship with a man, then you definitely need to know some secrets that will allow your happiness to exist forever. Firstly, never give up your man in sex - this is very painful for him. Secondly, never ridicule his shortcomings, do not hurt his sore spots - scorpions are very vulnerable and any resentment remains in their memory forever. Do not deceive him. Remain always unpredictable - he can not leave you. Understand and accept his secrecy, the need for personal space and other oddities - he will love you for it. For a scorpion, it is very important to feel that it is the main thing in your relationship, so even if this is not the case, never let it realize it.