/ / "Asia Park" (Astana). Entertainment and shopping at a high level.

"Asia Park" (Astana). Entertainment and shopping at a high level.

Astana is a modern metropolis and prideKazakhstan. The developed infrastructure offers hotels, cafes, restaurants, as well as countless trading houses and entertainment centers for every taste and purse.

One of the most prominent and universal is the shopping center "Asia Park" Astana, which is located on the street Kabanbai batyr, thaton the left bank of the Ishim River. You can get both on the city public transport from anywhere in the city, and on a private car. It will not be difficult to find the shortest path. Nearby are the stops: "Cardiac Surgery Center" and "Islamic Center Nur Astana". Several quarters share it with the legendary shopping and entertainment center "Khan Shatyr".

Over the main entrance of the complex there are panoramic windows overlooking the new city with its futuristic architecture. Having opened its doors to guests in 2009, "Asia Park" Astana works and conquers more and more new visitors.

For children, the organizers of cultural programs every day, conduct new activities, and of course, the entertainment center for the whole family. Baby park is happy to meet their little friends.

After a productive shopping and entertainmentTo seize food and household goods for home offers a supermarket "Alma", which in turn guarantees reasonable price tags and works around the clock.

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The shops

Buyers with any financial capacitywill be able to make pleasant shopping in well-placed stores. Here, brands such as DeFacto, Imperial, Snow image, Ralf Ringer, Victoria's secret and other popular and sought-after brands offer their goods, they will be pleased and will save considerable sums.) Dress smartly and fashionably for the whole family, than calculated, offers a modern "Asia Park" Astana. Shops work from 10 am and 10 pm, without dinner.

There are benches for rest and food court from famous catering networks: KFC, Burger club and others. There are 9 cafes and restaurants in the complex, offering their services from 10 am, until midnight.

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Fitness Centre

Professional American equipmentPrecor, Hoist and Formen are provided to regular customers in the Fitness first center. There are various group programs for those who like to move with benefit in the company. For convenience and as a support to their clients in the club there is a "freeze" of the subscription for 30 days according to the tariff plan, if for some reason a person can not exercise.

Cinema "Arman"

The cinema in "Asia Park" (Astana) was opened in 2009year. Modern multiplex accommodates 5 halls for 497 seats, which include seats of high comfort. Equipped with advanced technology and film projectors Christie, Nec. The sound is provided by Dolby digital multi-channel digital system. The waiting time for the session can be spent at the cinema bar. All kinds of actions in the cinema "Asia Park" in Astana give an opportunity to have fun, enjoy movies and save money. There is always a 50% discount for pensioners. Exceptions are holidays, premieres in 3D and films, for which a memorandum is valid.

asia park cinema Astana schedule

Schedule at the cinema "Asia Park" (Astana) is formed in such a way that the novelties of the world cinema industry can be viewed at any day or time convenient for every moviegoer.

Sky bar - restaurant with a stunning view!

The highlight of the restaurant is certainly a panoramic view, because it can be more romantic and trendy than the trend itself, than the eternal and inviting sky over the bustle of the modern city.

An individual design project deserves special consideration.attention. The interior is designed in the style of the loft, where the basic concept is the combination of old bricks and ultramodern decor elements. The leading role is given to the French windows. The use of outstanding architectural solutions favorably divides the room into zones, which provides a comfort, despite the cold colors and transparent walls.

The soul of the restaurant is a kitchen that canboasting a variety of menus that will satisfy tourists from every corner of the world. The author's performance of the dishes of Pan-Asian, Italian and Oriental cuisines from the chefs of the restaurant will impress the imagination of even a sophisticated gourmet. Following the trends of fashionable gastronomic trends, the "high cuisine" of the establishment is always at the peak of popularity among the guests of the mall "Asia Park "in Astana.

Asia Park Astana

Throughout the time that worksshopping and entertainment center, formed a certain contingent of visitors. Large clusters of people are not typical for the complex, with the exception of holidays. Therefore, there is always calm. And even there is a place for a plying musical train with a trailer, to the delight of the little guests and their parents.