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Astana-Moscow: time difference, distance, how to get there

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.One of the largest cities after Almaty. Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. Of course, this is the largest city in Russia. What unites these megacities, and what is the distance between them, find out in the article.

Description of the two capitals

The population of Astana at the moment is 1002,874 This city is a millionaire. Astana is divided into two parts: old and new. In the latter one can see Baiterek-it is a landmark of the capital, a tall building, similar to the Chupa-Chups.

Astana Moscow

You can go there and look at the city from above.There is an imprint of the hand of the President of Kazakhstan. It is believed that if you put your palm there and make a wish, then it will certainly come true. Also, in addition to Baiterek, Astana has many attractions. For example, the emerald quarter, Abu Dhabi Plaza, Khan Shatyr, the palace of peace and harmony and much more. Astana is quite different from Moscow, because it is the capital of another republic.

The population of Moscow today is12,380,664 people. The capital is growing and developing. It expands in different areas and becomes larger in area: 2,561 km ². The most famous sight of the Russian capital, because of which foreigners come here, is, of course, Red Square.

Astana Moscow distance

Of course, there are others on the squareAttractions that are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical museum is the entrance or the beginning of Red Square. The next institution is GUM. The state universal store is very popular in Moscow and is always full of customers. There are a lot of boutiques of different companies. Inside and outside the building glows with various garlands, colored lanterns. This all looks very beautiful and gives an original view on the Red Square, calling more and more new customers. Mausoleum them. Lenin is under the Kremlin gate. Periodically, it is restored, and sometimes guests of foreign countries can not visit it because of this. The next attraction is St. Basil's Cathedral. This is a very beautiful and refined architectural structure, unlike any other. It was created in the distant 1561 year. Sculpture K. Minin and D. Pozharsky is considered the first monument of Moscow. And, of course, the main attraction of the unique Red Square is the walls and towers of the Kremlin.

Of course, we can say that Astana differs from Moscow in terms of the number of attractions. But you can not go into these details. Both cities are worthy of attention of tourists.

Distance between cities

It remains to clarify the main question.How far are Astana and Moscow? The distance between them is 2748 km (in a straight line). Certainly, choosing a transport, whether it is a train or a car, the tourist will travel a greater distance. After all, the train passes certain cities and towns, travels along a longer path. By car, the distance increases due to the route selection and the optimal detour. On a straight line, it is almost impossible to cross the border between two states, and also because of the bypass roads between different cities.

The time difference between the two capitals

Astana and Moscow are located in different time zones, the time difference is 3 hours. That is, in the capital of Kazakhstan is 3 hours less than in Russia.

Astana Moscow time difference

How best to get from Moscow to Astana

This question arises quite often.Of course, if you need to get there as soon as possible, then you should take advantage of the plane and buy profitable tickets from Moscow to Astana. The direct flight will take approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. You can get by train, but you have to spend more than two days on the way. The motorway runs through Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kazan, Ufa and Kustanay. Because of the distance between cities, there is no bus service, but it is possible to cover the distance with transplants.

How best to get on the route Astana - Moscow,you decide. If you stock up on gasoline and food, then own car will be the most economical option to visit the capital of a neighboring state.