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The "Nur Astana" mosque is a symbol of revival

2005 was marked for the capital of Kazakhstanthe opening of a new mosque. On March 22, an architectural masterpiece was presented to the residents and guests of the city - the mosque "Nur Astana", the second in size not only in Astana, but also in Central Asia. The opening took place in honor of Nauryz - the holiday of spring renewal.

The mosque has renovated the architectural ensemble of the capital.Against the background of high-rise buildings sparkling with glass, she became the embodiment of the real East, breathed the color of the eastern fairy tale into the modern city and became a symbol of the revival of national and religious life.

The "Nur Astana" mosque (Kazakhstan)

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The description of this majestic building will not be able to convey the unique atmosphere of eastern pacification. The mosque is impressive in size - it covers an area of ​​3,930 m2. The gilt-covered dome is crowned with four minarets and 20 smaller domes. They are visible from afar.

Ornament on eight skeletons supporting the dome, makes passers-by stop and look closely. In the intricate ligature, the text of the Holy Quran is skillfully intertwined.

In the building, everything is symbolic.The height of the dome is 40 meters. So many years the prophet Muhammad was fulfilled at the time when he received the first revelation of Allah about the utterances of the Holy Quran. Revelations came to the prophet for 23 years. The period of his earthly life is 63 years, and the height of each minaret is 63 meters.

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Interior decoration

The "Nur Astana" mosque houses 5,000human. On the first floor there is a large (main) hall where men pray. For women, a balcony is set up on the second floor of the building, where at the same time 2,000 women can pray.

According to tradition, there are no images in the halls, except for patterns that cover the walls and the dome. In the wall facing to Mecca - mihrab (niche), to the right of mihrab - minbar (pulpit), with which the imam reads a sermon.

Beautiful and diverse ornament fills everythingthe interior of the mosque. The floor is covered with carpets. In the ornament traditional colors for Islamic art are used - yellow, blue, golden, green. On the walls, the inscriptions are harmoniously inscribed - the sacred verses from the Koran.

Around the mosque there is a park with a fountain,decorative shrubbery and flower beds. Landscaped park on the neat alleys placed benches where you can relax. The mosque "Nur Astana" is fascinating with its beauty. And all this splendor was built in just 3 years.

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Emir's Gift

In 1999, the emir of the State of Qatar duringof his visit to Astana, he announced that as a sign of special respect for the President of Kazakhstan and his policy, 6 million 840 thousand dollars are being given to build a cultural Islamic center. The project was developed within 2 years and approved, the author of the project is Lebanese architect Charles Hafiz. Turkish company "Paserin" led construction.

Mosque "Nur Astana" was erected under controlhead of state. Officials from many countries arrived at the opening of the mosque. Participated and the representative of the Emir. He read the congratulations of the head of the Arab Republic and congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on a double holiday.

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Sacred gifts

Nursultan Nazarbayev provided the mosque asGift A unique fragment of Kisva - a black silk bedcover, embroidered with gold and silver threads. Kisva covers the Kaaba sacred stone, then the shrine is cut into several pieces. Give it to the guests of honor who have contributed to the development of the culture of Islam. Part of the kiswah was donated to the Kazakh president by the ruler of Saudi Arabia. He presented the president with a gift and the Holy Quran, which was published in the printing house of King Fahd.

In his speech, the president noted thatThe spiritual and cultural center of the capital will be the Nur Astana mosque. Kazakhstan and spiritual traditions have been tested. And for Kazakhstan people it is important that the guests of the capital, having familiarized themselves with the religious building, get an idea of ​​the cultural values ​​of Kazakhstan.

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Islamic Cultural Center

Mosque "Nur Astana" opened the doors for everyone.Not only for the faithful, but for those who are pure in heart. The entrance to the mosque is free. You can calmly go in and relax in silence or pray. Shoes are traditionally removed before entering. For women there are special capes with a hood. They can be taken in the closet in front of the entrance.

When the mosque acts madrasah (school), where they studybasics of religion, Arabic and Koran. In Kazakhstan, this is still the only institution that prepares imams and spiritual mentors on a professional level.

The mosque conducts courses of religious illiteracy.Engaged in the organization of contests and sports. During the holidays, fairs are organized on the square in front of the mosque, where everyone can get acquainted with national dishes and pastries.

"Nur Astana" has become for metropolitan residents notonly a spiritual and cultural center, but also a social one. The mosque assists families in need with food, children from low-income families receive school uniforms and briefcases. Do not forget about the inhabitants of the villages, regularly sending "Caravans of Mercy."

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Mosque "Nur Astana" in Astana is open daily for everyone at the address: ul. Kabanbai Batyr, 36. Phone: +7 (7172) 44-61-65. From the station to the mosque buses go: № 10, 12, 21, 27, 40 and 46.