/ What is the holiday in Kazakhstan on July 6? How is the birthday of the capital celebrated?

What is the holiday in Kazakhstan on July 6? How is the birthday of the capital celebrated?

Annually on July 6 the republic celebrates the Day of the capitalIn Kazakhstan. Celebratory events are held not only in beautiful Astana, but all over the country. This city has won world recognition, there are spectacular international events.

History of the capital

Previously, the republic had another capital - Almaty, but in 1994 it was decided to move to Akmola (this is the former name of Astana). In 1997, there was a transfer of the capital itself.

July 6, what holiday in Kazakhstan

Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is presidentRepublic of Kazakhstan, in 1998 changed the old name of Akmola, which translates "White Shrine" to Astana, which translates as "Capital". Earlier, the birthday of the city was celebrated on June 10, and in 2008 an amendment was adopted, according to which, on July 6, is the Day of the Capital in Kazakhstan. It is noteworthy that on the same day the President of the Republic had a birthday. It can be said that Astana is the capital that was erected in 10 years.

Than Astana is famous

Firstly, Astana is the most northern capital of Asia. The city is more than a million people, and the city is about 700 square kilometers.

The economy of the capital is based on construction, transport and trade. The city is in the lead in terms of construction, and it is not surprising - many people want to live here. The entire population of the republic knows, what holiday in Kazakhstan on July 6.

The main attraction and symbol of the capital is the complex «Baiterek". The idea of ​​this complex belongs to the presidentrepublic: during his trip, he drew a rough plan of construction on a paper napkin. On the top floor of the complex there is a mold of the President's hand, if you put your palm in it and make a cherished wish, then it must come true.

July 6 in Kazakhstan is a day off

A popular landmark is also the Palace of Peace and Accord, which is made in the form of a pyramid. This construction was designed by Norman Foster, an architect from England.

There is also the highest building in the form of a tent in the world in Astana - «Khan Shatyr", Which is a shopping and entertainment complex.

Among the most visited places of the capital are:

  • aquarium «Duman»;

  • the cathedral mosque «Hazret Sultan»;

  • the most beautiful mosque «Nur Astana»;

  • «Astana Opera"- the theater of ballet and opera;

  • State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky;

  • fountain «The Tree of Life", symbolizing the cycle of life;

  • stadium «Astana Arena»;

  • Ice Palace «Alau".

July 6 is the day of the capital of Kazakhstan Astana

We can say that 6 July- Day of the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, celebrate everything in the republic, because the city attracts many people from all cities, becoming a symbol of prosperity and independence of Kazakhstan.

How to celebrate

Day of the capital in Kazakhstan celebrate very sumptuous and fun.Every year circus performers come to the city, arrange festive salutes, invite world artists, arrange light and laser shows, in general, do everything for the joy and entertainment of the townspeople. In the squares and streets there are folk festivals.

 capital day in kazakhstan

Everybody knows, What a holiday in Kazakhstan on July 6th. AT this day is organized for people wearing festivalsnot only entertaining, but also educational functions. They demonstrate the history and traditions of the republic, acquaint young residents with national costumes and explain what holiday in Kazakhstan on July 6. As mentioned above, all uhThese events are held not only in the capital, but also in other cities. For the safety of residents during the festivities, many police officers are involved.

We can say that the people of the republic truly love this city, many songs have been written in its honor. Famous performers Altynai Zhorabayeva, Nagima Yeskaliyeva, “Baiterek”, “Arnau”, “Zhigitter” groups sing songs that are dedicated to the beautiful capital.

Holiday holiday

Annually July 6 in Kazakhstan is a day off day. In order for citizens to have a rest and enjoy the festivities, weekends are usually not one, but two or three.

For many July 6 is the Day of the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, but many were born on this day and celebrate their birthday. For example, in 2017, congratulated young mothers and newborns in area Saryarka. They were personally congratulated by the head of health of the city and akim - glava local executive body.

Now you know, what holiday in Kazakhstan July 6th. If you visit the capital of the republic during the days of festivities, you will definitely be impressed and in a good mood.