/ Tattoo on the edge: emphasize its refinement

Tattoo on the edge: emphasize your refinement

Tattoos on the rib are less common than on the hands,legs and back. Probably, first of all because this place is especially painful. Secondly, having decided to be hammered on the ribs, you need to be sure that the figure will not deteriorate and the tattoo from the beautiful drawing will not turn into something formless and stretched.

tattoo on the edge

Ideas for ribs

However, despite the many "buts", in thisThe areas of the image are made quite often, and their diversity is striking. It is difficult to say which tattoos on the edge are more common than others, but still take precedence inscriptions. In English, Latin, French; horizontal and vertical; often in a column or several lines of Chinese or Japanese hieroglyphs. And yet the tattoo on the ribs - the inscriptions - is not the limit of dreams, and besides black lines and letters there are often very beautiful drawings. As a rule, the sketch itself is not limited directly to the edges and captures a large area. It can be the image of a Chinese fire dragon, which descends down its bright rings and sometimes passes to the hip. Very interesting look tattoo on the rib in the style of "biotechnology", when the figure reflects the actual parts of the skeleton, but in a somewhat "mechanized" form. No less popular are black patterns or colored abstractions.

tattoo on the ribs of the inscription
Care of a tattoo

Depending on the size of the tattoo, the process ofstuffing takes a certain time. If it is a small inscription or a small drawing, the professional will cope with its application in one session. However, if the tattoo on the rib does not differ in compact dimensions, it will be packed in parts, depending on the area occupied. The time between hikes to the tattoo master ranges from 3 weeks to one and a half months, depending on the complexity of the pattern and skin features. If your body is not characterized by a high speed the healing of wounds, you have to wait until the injured skin will not be ready to continue tamping. Of course, a tattoo requires constant care. In the first days after pricking, care must be taken not to infect the infection and not to provoke infection. For this purpose, the first few hours on the tattoo bandage with a special ointment, and the top body is wrapped with cling film. This compress is removed when it is accurately known that the saccharum will not be allocated.

photo tattoo on the ribs
Otherwise, a pattern is formedhard crust, when removing it, there is a risk of damaging the pattern, and the process of healing can be stretched indefinitely. For at least a week tattoos on the ribs or any other part of the body must be treated with special medications, which the master will advise. Following the advice of professionals, you will get a good result: fast healing, undamaged drawing, clean and bright colors.

Pros of tattooing on the rib

What is the advantage of a tattoo in a place likeribs? First of all, this, of course, is its lack of insistence. Such a drawing is easy to hide under the clothes, so that the presence of a tattoo in such a place will not be reflected in your job placement. And if your figure makes you feel proud, then this picture is a great opportunity to attract attention to the beach or in the gym (wearing a sports top). In fact, look at the photo of the tattoo on the ribs - how stylish and tempting look quality drawings on a beautiful body!