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Lighthouse Tattoo: a symbol of hope and security

If you believe a popular joke, another coupleFor decades, people who do not have tattoos on their bodies will be bewildered and surprised. We'll see, we'll see, in our days, the drawings on the skin do not shock anyone, they only attract attention. Quality tattoos really look beautiful and interesting, they are pleasant to look at. And what about the hidden meaning? Let's try to figure out what the "lighthouse" tattoo can mean.

Symbol of safety and hope

Lighthouse Tattoo
Lighthouse - one of the most ingenious inventionshumanity. This is a special structure, used to provide a light signal to ships in the sea. The first lighthouses appeared in ancient times, during the birth of navigation, and what is striking is that they are still used today. It is difficult to imagine what emotions seamen experienced after a long voyage, noticing light in the distance. That is why the lighthouse is considered a symbol of true hope and security. Often this symbol is used in literature in a figurative sense. The lighthouse tattoo has a positive value, in no world culture this building has no negative associations. And this means that this sketch will suit everyone.

The value of the tattoo on the zone

Sometimes tattoos with lighthouses can be found atrepresentatives of the criminal world. And this is one of the most peaceful and harmless nakolok that do in places not so remote. What does the lighthouse tattoo mean? It is a sign of expectation of liberation and humility. Such a tattoo is usually chosen by convicts who fully acknowledge their guilt and repent of their deeds. While doing tattoos, they believe that the light of the lighthouse will show them the right way and will help a lot to start in life anew after liberation.

Who will suit a tattoo with a lighthouse?

What does a beacon tattoo mean?
Very often tattoos with sea symbolschoose people who are especially related to the sea. Tattoo "lighthouse" can choose for himself a real sailor or a man who grew up on the coast. Often, such a figure as a sketch for the current image is chosen by people who are waiting for change and support over in new endeavors. The light of the lighthouse will become the most real amulet and will help with honor to overcome all the difficulties on the path of life. Suitable tattoo "lighthouse" and in love to create original twin tattoos. In this case, the symbol value may be slightly different. A beacon for lovers is a symbol of faith in a bright future and the joy of their meeting, and now they can sail along the waves of life together.